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World War II Warbirds 2017 Calendar


Product Description

World War II Warbirds brings together the drama of flight and the climactic action of war in the air through the art of Robert Perry. Airplanes featured here range from Capt. George Burgard’s P-40B Tomahawk and Capt. Gordon Stoffer’s B-26 Marauder, to the German pilot Anton Hafner’s Messerschmitt Bf109 and Japanese Captain Teruhiko Kobayashi’s Kawasaki Ki-61-I. Don’t miss the action!

Published by Tide-mark, the 2017 World War II Warbirds wall calendar opens to 13 x 19 inches.

About the Artist

Robert D. Perry, a long time WWII aviation enthusiast, digital artist, animator, and graphic designer, specializes in digital media to produce dramatic, original WWII aviation artwork. Robert's work has been commissioned by museums, model kit makers, historical documentary film makers, and animation studios.

 Aircraft and missions featured in the 2017 calendar include:


F6F-5 Hellcat "Minsi III"

This scene depicts all-time leading U.S. Navy ace David McCampell in his Grumman F6F-5 Hellcat "Minsi III", in an air battle over Leyte Gulf in the Philippines, October 24, 1944. McCampbell and his wingman, Roy Rushing, encountered a mixed formation of approximately 40 Imperial Japanese Army and Naval aircraft. McCampbell picked out a straggler at the end of the formation and quickly downed the A6M5 "Zeke" fighter. This would be the first of nine kills for McCampbell in this one battle. A record that still stands to this day. He would win 34 aerial victories by the war’s end.


P-51D Mustang “Man O' War”

P-51D Mustang Man O' War flown by Claiborne H. Kinnard, acting commander of the 4th Fighter Group escorting B-17s of the 91st Bomb Group over Germany.


Messerschmitt Bf 109G-6 — 200

This scene depicts Oberleutnant Anton Hafner's 200th victory on October 16, 1944 -- the downing of an Il-2 –– while flying his Bf 109G-6 (W.Nr. 442 013) “Black 1”. Hafner was serving as Staffelkapitän of 10/JG 51 "Mölders" based in Hüttenfelde, Germany (East Prussia) at the time and was its highest scoring ace. He would down 4 more Soviet aircraft before his death the following day, October 17.


B-24D Liberator “Suzy Q” — Operation Tidal Wave

This image depicts Suzy-Q leading the 44th Bomber Group over the Columbia-Aquila Refinery during the low-level B-24 raid on the Ploesti, Romania oil refineries on August 1, 1943, known as Operation Tidal Wave.


Focke-Wulf Fw190 D — Bounced!

Fw190 "Doras" of JG 26 attacked on takeoff by P-51 Mustangs of the U.S. 55th Fighter Group.


SBD Dauntless — Nowhere to Hide

The Battle of Midway, June, 4, 1942. This image depicts the dive-bombing run by just three aircraft led by Lt. Richard Best of VB-6 on the Japanese aircraft carrier Akagi.


Kawasaki Ki-61-I Tei “Tony”

Ki61-I Tei Hien (Flying Swallow) Imperial Japanese Army Fighter (Allied code name “Tony”). This scene depicts Captain Teruhiko Kobayashi, 244th Sentai Commander, March, 1945, battling American B-29 “Superfortress” bombers of the 497th Bomb Group.


P-40B Tomahawk “Flying Tiger”

Pilot George Burgard of the American Volunteer Group (more commonly known as the “Flying Tigers”), 1st Pursuit Squadron “Adam and Eves”, June 12, 1942, South of Guilin, China. This was the first encounter by the A.V.G. with the Japanese Ki-45 Toryu "Nick" fighter — mistakenly identified as a light bomber, which Burgard described as “strangely elusive”.


B-26 Marauder “Feudin Wagin”

U.S. 9th Army Air Force, 344th Bombardment Group, 494th Bombardment Squadron, over Stansted AAF Station No. 169, England, Summer, 1944, piloted by Gordon Stoffer.


Heinkel He219 — Nightfighter

A Heinkel He219 night fighter "Uhu" defending the night skies over Germany, 1944.


P-51D “Katydid” — King of the Strafers

Known as "King of Strafers" or "Eager El", Elwyn Guido Righetti was not only a top fighter ace of the 55th Fighter Group, but a top strafing ace in Europe. He flew this famous P-51D-10 Mustang "Katydid" named after his wife Cathryn.


B-17G “Hikin' For Home”

322nd Squadron, 91st Bomb Group, 8th Air Force. This scene depicts the mission over Germany on July 28, 1944. The original target was the well-protected oil refinery at Merseburg, but the target was clouded over when the group arrived. A secondary target was chosen. Just as the group passed over the Merseburg/Leipzig area hundreds of anti-aircraft guns were brought to bear on them. One fragment of flak bounced off the windscreen and another entered the cockpit, narrowly missing pilot and squadron leader Dave Hanst after being deflected. Other fragments knocked out the #2 engine but didn't start a fire. This was the final mission for Hanst.






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