American Folk Art 2021 Wall Calendar

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Available in August 2021

American Folk Art 2021 Calendar

What was it like in the era before six-lane highways choked with automobiles and tractor trailer trucks? A time before the speed of the internet and, seemingly, everything else began to make us feel as if we were being pushed faster than we wanted to go?  Jane Wooster Scott creates paintings that take us back to a time before what seems like the pressure of modernity overtook America. These are painting that encourage us to feel an old-fashioned sense of calm and ease.  In these vividly painted scenes of America’s celebrations and holidays Jane Wooster Scott offers a vision of an America both welcoming and unhurried. Speaking about her approach to her work Jane says, “I paint the way I do and choose my subjects out of a deep love for my country’s heritage.”

Features: Large blocks for notes | Beautiful reproduction | Quality heavy-weight paper | Deluxe 11 by 14 inch size

About Artist Jane Wooster Scott

Jane Wooster Scott has garnered international recognition as one of the finest painters of Americana working today. She was raised in eastern Pennsylvania near Bucks Country and surrounding Pennsylvania-Dutch communities. The history of that locale clearly inspired her imagination when, as an adult, she began to paint. Today her work is found in collections of museums, corporations, and private homes across the United States, as well as in Europe, Asia, South America. She has become legendary for her engaging scenes of America’s celebrations and holidays. Her work offers a trove of visual lore unlike any other artist working today.

Wooster Scott’s paintings look back nostalgically to America late in the 1800s before the arrival of the automobile, when the pace of life at its most rapid could be measured by the horse-drawn carriage. Working from her home studios in Sun Valley, Idaho, and Los Angeles, she revels in the discovery of everyday pleasures, cherished traditions, and simple beauty, which she translates to canvas with an unerring eye and gifted hand. Two coffee-table books have been published of her work.

Speaking about her approach to painting, Jane says, “I paint the way I do and choose my subjects out of a deep love for my country’s heritage. The era I choose most often is just before or just following the birth of the twentieth century. The pace was slower, life seemed simpler, and people took a greater joy in living. I try to capture that essence in my work. "It gets increasingly difficult to find the United States as I imagine it was a century ago: the barns, stables, cottages and town halls. Water pumps and windmills, covered bridges and one-room school houses are disappearing. But I intend to continue to seek out the remaining treasures of our heritage and paint them for my own joy and for people who share my love of country.” Jane has completed work on a series of campus paintings, which include the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Southern California, among many others. For more information about her work, please visit:


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