Classic Outhouses 2020 Wall Calendar

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We grapple with vital human needs every day. They inspire great paintings, extraordinary books, symphonies, and cathedrals. Classic Outhouses 2020 pictures privies that cross every culture and at special moments are as important as any book or cathedral . . . though a few pages of that book could also prove useful.

| Large blocks for notes | Reproduced on quality, 100-pound paper | Calendar measures 13 ¾ by 10 ½ inches closed and 13 ¾ by 21 inches open

Places of rest pictured in this edition include:

Snow in the Pines,

   Sierra Nevada of California

Frosted Outhouse,

   Sierra Nevada of California

Eight Panel Door,

   San Luis Obispo, California

With Shower and Clothes Line,


Garden Style,

   Galveston, Texas

Waiting Chair,

   Apostle Islands, Wisconsin

Leaning Tower,

   Plains, Montana

Ocean View,

   Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego, Chile

Horse in Waiting,

   Patagonia, South America

Too Cute,

   Lake Luzern, New York

Log Cabin-Style,


Sky View,

  Toiyabe National Forest, California




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