Hot Rods & Kustoms 2021 Wall Calendar

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Hot rods and custom cars have always represented the independent and rebellious spirit of America. A craze that started not long after WWII when G.I.’s returning home decided to strip down and modify for speed an old jalopy they could pick up for cheap. Whether cruising to the burger stand or racing at the drag strip, these lowered, chopped, flamed, and chromed cars got the looks... and the girls! It’s a trend that continues to this day and is more popular than ever. Hot Rod Artist Larry Grossman brings this exciting scene to life with his unique and highly detailed images in Hot Rods & Kustoms.

Hot Rods & Kustoms 2021 monthly wall calendar features: Large blocks for notes | Beautiful reproduction | Quality heavy-weight paper | Deluxe 11- by 14-inch size

Hot rods and kustom cars pictured in the 2021 edition include:

The Pharaohs hangin’ at Jenkin’s — A crescent moon hangs over Jenkin’s Texaco Service, where a few members of The Pharaohs Car Club shoot the breeze. Their fine custom ’53 Buick, and chopped ‘32 Ford three-window coupe (this artist’s rod), along with a tasty Harley Pan-head chopper (and rider), grace this classic ’30’s era station.

Frontier Canyon Service — The guy in that chopped, channeled, and flamed ’34 Sedan is obviously alarmed about something! Meanwhile, on the left a chopped ’32 Ford three-window idles, as two lovely attendants stand by at this vintage Frontier Station, located in a beautiful red rock canyon. That’s a Boeing 707 Airliner streaking overhead.

Rat Rod Roadhouse — A bevy of alluring “business” babes await their eager customers at Pancho’s Eatery, Bar, and Bordello. A Hemi-powered ’30 Ford Rat Rod, and chopped ’51 Ford Kustom complete this desert scene, as a Lockheed P-80 Shooting Star streaks overhead.

Rod & Custom Motorama — Built in 1935, the Streamline-Moderne styled Pan Pacific Auditorium was the site of the first car show I ever attended in 1958. My scene depicts a typical 1961 car show. Parked out front are four of George “The King of the Kustomizers” Barris’ most iconic cars (that’s George in his “Ala Kart”). Sadly, the Pan Pacific burned down in 1989, and George passed away in 2015 (I attended his funeral).

Gassers! — A classic ’30’s era Richfield station is the setting for this Gasser rendezvous! Featured (left to right) is the famed Stone, Woods & Cook “Swindler A” ’41 Willys; a ’48 Ford Anglia; a ’33 Willys panel truck; and a jacked-up ’55 Chevy. I assume that the sexy girl needs no description, but note the North American F-86 Sabre jet overhead!

Keep on Truckin’ — A cool, custom ’46 cab-over car hauler hauls a slick, chopped and flamed ’49 Merc lead-sled down ol’ Route 66.

Deuces Wild — Looks like the attendant at this Flying A Station did something to piss this guy off! Meanwhile, the tough guy’s babe waits cooly in his nice scalloped and blown ’32 three-window. In the foreground is a blown ’32, and off to the left, a leggy lady alights from a slick ’49 Merc lead-sled. Also in the scene is a rad Harley pan-head chopper, a beater ’39 Ford pick-up... and a drunk.

Jake’s Mohawk — Jake’s Spanish-style Mohawk Station is the hang for this crew, whose rides include a Kustom ’51 Ford convertible, a ’32 Ford Cabriolet with blown flathead mill, and a chopped candy-red ’49 Merc lead-sled. Obviously, the dog could care less.

Roadkill Rampage — Roscoe’s Ratshack is the place to hang when you’re in the middle of nowhere. But it appears that ol’ Roscoe, rushing to save his pet rattler from harm’s way, is about to get mowed down by an ultra-rad Kustom ’48 Cad Sedanette leadsled! That’s a Boeing B-52 overhead.

Outta Gas on Rt 66 — Nice scenery, but not a great place to let the tank of your ’39 Ford sedan run dry! With that hungry vulture waiting in the wings, it’s debatable if she’ll ever make it to the Viva Show in Vegas she’s headed to. That snub-nosed .38 in her waistband may help, but the whiskey sure won’t!

Crankshaft Motors — Now here’s a dealership we’d all like to find! A great assortment of rods, customs, and muscle cars awaits you here, including Ed Roth’s famous “Outlaw”, and Norm Grabowski’s iconic “Kookie T” bucket rod! That is your’s truly as the salesman in the blue sharkskin suit, hoping to make a sale. But I think that the leggy-blond salesgirl out front has a distinct advantage!

Rebel Rousin’ Rodders on Rt 66 — making the scene at this nice ’30’s era Richfield station is a chopped ’32 sedan with six-two’s on a Hemi, a ’39 Merc “ol’ skool” Kustom, and a ’33 Ford
flathead Rat Rod pick-up. And yes, that station attendant leering at the pretty blond is indeed your’s truly!