On God’s Footstool Jigsaw Puzzle

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Puzzle | 1,000 Pieces | Finished size: 19 by 26 inches

About On God’s Footstool Jigsaw Puzzle
The concept for On God's Footstool originated several years ago when Janie and I were visiting the JA Ranch. The foreman took us to the top of Mitchel Peak, the highest point in the Palo Duro Canyon. As the sun was setting, we watched a summer shower move across the huge expanse. It was a special time of the revelation of God and His creation. I chose to paint the picture showing me, and a good friend, on horseback at the crest of the peak taking it all in, Greene said.

About Artist Bruce Greene
Bruce Greene is a Western painter who has ridden trails and experienced the cowboy life he portrays in the narrative images he creates. The artist is a native Texan who has reached the pinnacle of his craft through hard work and an extraordinary talent for painting the story of one of our country’s most revered icons, the American cowboy. His scenes of contemporary cowboys going about their work every day are admired and collected across America.