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Classic Motorcycles 2025 Wall Calendar


Speed and handling—combined with sleek design—have been the dream of avid motorcyclists since the first bike took to the road some 125 years ago. Photographer Steve Cote takes enthusiasts on a road trip through a year of classic bikes. Classic Motorcycles 2025 calendar brings you the groundbreaking models that would be the highlight of any collection.

This 2025 monthly wall calendar features: Large blocks for notes | Superb printing quality | Heavy 100-pound paper | Deluxe 11- by 14-inch size

Motorcycles featured in this edition include:
≈ 1913 Harley Davidson 191L Single

≈ Bultaco Metralla

≈ 1974 BMW R90S

≈ Harley Davidson Speedway Racer

≈ 1968 AJS Model 8 350

≈ 1953 Ferrari single

≈ Indian 4

Simplex Automatic

Yamaha R1 350

≈ Kawasaki H1 Mach III

≈ Suzuki DR650

≈ Ducati Elite 200

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Classic Mustangs 2025 Wall Calendar


In 1962 Ford Motor Company introduced a concept car dubbed the Mustang I. They tested the Mustang II in 1963. Production Mustangs began rolling off the line in 1964 as model year 1965 editions. Was the Mustang a success? Ford hoped to sell 100,000 the first year. After 18 months sales reached one million. America’s “pony car” is still running strong after six decades.

This 2025 monthly wall calendar features: Large blocks for notes | Superb printing quality | Heavy 100-pound paper | Deluxe 11- by 14-inch size

Classic Mustangs featured in this edition include:
1968 Shelby GT 500 KR

1990 Mustang GT Convertible

1965 Mustang Convertible

1967 and 2011 Mustangs

1969 Mustang Boss 429

1971 Mustang Boss 351

1966 Mustang GT 2+2

1970 Mustang Boss 302

1984 Mustang SVO

2007 Mustang Shelby GT 500 Convertible

1997 Saleen S-281 Mustang

1966 Shelby GT 350 H

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Classic Outhouses 2025 Wall Calendar


We grapple with vital human needs every day. They inspire great paintings, extraordinary books, symphonies, and cathedrals. The Classic Outhouses 2025 calendar pictures privies that cross every culture and at special moments are as important as any book or cathedral. . . though a few pages of that book could also prove useful.

This 2025 monthly wall calendar features: Large blocks for notes | Superb printing quality | Heavy 100-pound paper | Deluxe 11- by 14-inch size

Outhouses featured in this edition include:
A dusting of snow at the cattle chute outhouse, Patagonia, Chile

Fallen trees on the outhouse, Cape Breton Island, Canada

Sink hole outhouse, Argentina

Almost painted outhouse, Virginia

Double door outhouse, Central Coast California

Sea view outhouse, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

Abandoned outhouse on a ranch in San Luis Obispo, California

Sky view outhouse, remote high Sierra Nevada

Sheep pen outhouse, Iceland

Mountain view outhouse, Mono County, California

Rustic cabin outhouse, Inyo National Forest

Winter holiday outhouse, Eastern Sierra, California

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Classic Sail 2025 Wall Calendar


Classic Sail 2025 calendar features sail boats ranging from traditional working vessels and cruising sailboats, to exciting 15 Meter Class contenders of the past. Kathy Mansfield, whose work is found in nautical magazines, including WoodenBoat, Classic Boat, and Water Craft, brings together American and European boats in this very enjoyable pan-Atlantic collection of classic sail.

This 2025 monthly wall calendar features: Large blocks for notes | Superb printing quality | Heavy 100-pound paper | Deluxe 11- by 14-inch size

Sailboats featured in this edition include:
≈ The large and elegant gaff cutter Moonbeam of Fife III was designed and built in 1903 at the Fife boatyard in Scotland and measures 101′ long.

The Six Meter World Championships took place in 2023 at the Royal Yacht Squadron on the Isle of Wight in England, with both a modern and classic division. Despite little wind and a similar appearance, they were fascinating to watch.

Elona is a 40′ yawl designed by James McGruer in 1962. She was built at McGruer & Co. boatbuilders on the River Clyde near Glasgow, Scotland. The seven McGruer brothers constructed beautiful and successful sailing vessels for about 70 years from the 1920s.

Three beautiful boats: the William Gardner designed P Class gaff sloop, Olympian, of 1913, the Fife designed gaff cutter Viola of 1908, and the more modern Marconi sloop Ikra designed by David Boyd in 1964. These vessels span not just the Atlantic but a wide arc of sailing history.

Loosely based on a Swampscott dory, a traditional design from Massachusetts, 20′ long Jack sails on Loch Oich, part of the Caledonian Canal in Scotland.

This newly restored staysail schooner, Spirit, was designed by John Alden and built in 1934 by Hodgdon Brothers in East Boothbay, Maine. She sails here in the Castine Regatta in Maine.

Tuiga was designed and built in 1909 by William Fife at the firm’s boat yard on the River Clyde in Scotland. She’s a 15 Meter Class, 59’6″ long, with a huge gaff rig handled entirely without winches.

The Eight Meter Class yacht Carron II was built in 1935 at the Fife boatyard on the Clyde in Scotland. She was restored by Fairlee Restorations in the 1990s and was owned by the Aga Khan for a time. She sails now mainly on the Swiss lakes.

The three-masted gaff schooner, Shenandoah, has sailed the world. She was built in 1902 at the Townsend
& Downey shipyard in New York, inspired the design of German Kaiser Wilhelm II’s famous schooner
Meteor III. Here she sails in the Solent near the Isle of Wight in the new Richard Mille Cup.

Two of the most beautiful of the William Fife yachts, the 15 Meter Class Tuiga, built in 1909, and the 19 Meter Class Mariquita of 1911, sail together on the Solent in England in the Richard Mille Cup regatta.

Tigris was built in 1899, a 19th century gaff cutter designed by the renowned Alfred Mylne and built at the MacAllister yard in Scotland. She is one of the Clyde 20-ton cruiser-racer class. She was rediscovered in Southampton, England, in 2001, restored, and now races very successfully in the Mediterranean.

The lovely Concordia 39 yawl, Swift, sails in the Castine Classic Regatta in Maine. She was launched in 1959, hull number 68 of the still strong Concordia fleet built by Abeking & Rasmussen in Germany.

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Colorado Narrow Gauge 2025 Wall Calendar


A rail-fan favorite, Colorado Narrow Gauge pictures the trains of the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad. Established in 1870, the Rio Grande eventually operated 2,783 miles of track connecting Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah. Serving mountain communities, farms, and mines from the 1800s into the mid-1900s, the Rio Grande ran trains through mountain gorges, and across the highest rail mainline in America to deliver on the D&RG’s early motto, “Through the Rockies, not around them.”

This 2025 monthly wall calendar features: Large blocks for notes | Superb printing quality | Heavy 100-pound paper | Deluxe 11- by 14-inch size

Narrow gauge trains featured in this edition include:

• Engine 495, a Class K-37 (2-8-2) brought a standard gauge train to Antonito, CO using a standard gauge idler car on both ends of the southbound freight, an all-standard-gauge consist, but with a narrow-gauge caboose in May 1957.

• D&RGW 478 and 498 (a Class K-28 and a Class K-37) are leading a westbound freight at Arboles, CO, passing a unique water tank on June 14, 1968.

• Locomotive 489, a Class K-36 (2-8-2) and 268, a Class C-16 Consolidation (2-8-0) are at Gunnison, Colorado in June 1955.

• D&RGW 492 and 483 are being prepared for a “hill turn” to Cumbres and back in April 1949, a nearly every day occurrence.

• Many have seen Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge 493 in the last three years. Here is an image of 493 on a northbound D&RGW freight coming through Aztec, NM on May 31, 1958. The San Juan Basin oil boom was well underway at this time.

• Resplendent in its “bumblebee” paint scheme engine 4973, is loading sheep at Silverton, CO on June 24, 1950. The stock pens at Silverton were on the wye.

• D&RGW 483 and 493 (a Class K-36 and K-37) are on a double-headed westbound freight crossing the Conejos River one mile north of Antonito, CO on July 23, 1968.

• D&RGW 488 is pumping up the air and 484 has been placed mid-train on this warm August 1962 day at Antonito, CO. A substantial batch of empty Gramps Tank Cars are being returned to Chama, where they will be reloaded for another trip to the Gramps Refinery, located just east of the Alamosa roundhouse.

• Locomotives 492 and 495 are bringing a westbound freight down the two percent grade three miles west of Falfa, CO on September 14, 1956. In 1956, there was no problem with double-heading downgrade here. That all changed in September 1958, when slack action between engines 483 and 494 caused a derailment.

• D&RGW 492 is on an eastbound livestock train at Los Pinos, CO in October 1964. There is a 180-degree reverse curve here.

• Engine 483 is leading an eastbound “Kolor Karavan” passenger special through Monero Canyon, NM on September 3, 1962.

• Rio Grande 494, a Class K-37 Mikado (2-8-2) is leading an eastbound livestock train down Cumbres Pass about two miles west of Los Pinos, CO on October 6, 1961.

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Ford Classics 2025 Wall Calendar


Founded in 1903, Ford Motor Company’s fortunes took off ten years later, with the adoption of the moving assembly line for the Model T. Mass production cut prices, putting cars in reach of nearly everyone. Throughout the 20th Century, sales staples like the F-series pickup helped the company compete with rival Chevy for the top spot in domestic car sales. Ford Classics celebrates some of Ford’s better ideas, including the sporty Thunderbird, the segment busting Mustang, the versatile Bronco, and the family-friendly Country Squire.

This 2025 monthly wall calendar features: Large blocks for notes | Superb printing quality | Heavy 100-pound paper | Deluxe 11- by 14-inch size
Ford classics featured in this edition include:
≈ 1912 Ford Model T C-Cab Delivery Van

≈ 1966 Ford Mustang Convertible

≈ 1959 Ford F-100 Pickup

≈ 1929 Ford Model A Station Wagon

≈ 1967 Ford Country Squire

≈ 1941 Ford ½ ton Pickup (and Fordson Tractor)

≈ 1950 Ford Custom Convertible

≈ 1974 Ford Pantera

≈ 1939 Ford Deluxe Convertible Coupe

≈ 1971 Ford Ranchero Squire

≈ 1967 Ford Bronco

≈ 1955 Ford Thunderbird

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Ghost Dance 2025 Wall Calendar


In the late 1800s, the Ghost Dance religion promised hope and resurrection at a time when Native American nations across America faced destruction. Misunderstood by authorities, the Ghost Dance sparked the savage attack on Sioux men, women, and children at Wounded Knee in 1890. Through his paintings in Ghost Dance, JD Challenger renews the bonds of strength and dignity linking Native Americans to their history.

This 2024 monthly wall calendar features: Large blocks for notes | Superb printing quality | Heavy 100-pound paper | Deluxe 11- by 14-inch size

Paintings featured in the this edition include:
Fancy Dancer

Fire In His Eyes

Gifts of the Mesa

Honors the Turtle

Little Wounded

Looking Horse

Many Hawks

Medicine of the Golden Buffalo

Son of Eagle Feather

Strength of the Buffalo

The Longest Journey

White Star’s Vision

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Great Golf 2025 Wall Calendar


Enjoy Great Golf across America and beyond in this collection of links that ranges from Mauna Kea in Hawaii to Lahinch in Ireland. There are great public courses like Firecliff in California and private courses like The Reserve in Wyoming. Seeing these wonderful courses is a pleasure that will carry
a drive all through the year. Fore!

This 2025 monthly wall calendar features: Large blocks for notes | Superb printing quality | Heavy 100-pound paper | Deluxe 11- by 14-inch size

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Great Old Trucks 2025 Wall Calendar


Pickup trucks were once used for, well, picking up stuff. They were a little rough around the edges, maybe a sticky stick shift and heat that only worked sometimes. But you could fill up the bed with full sheets of plywood, or the remains of a kitchen remodeling job. Great Old Trucks made you feel like accomplishing something… that you had and that you could. These old trucks should inspire memories.

This 2025 monthly wall calendar features: Large blocks for notes | Superb printing quality | Heavy 100-pound paper | Deluxe 11- by 14-inch size

Trucks featured in this edition include:
√ 1966 Ford F-100 Styleside Pickup

√ 1936 Chevrolet FB Pickup
√ 1968 Chevrolet C-20 Step-Side Pickup
√ 1979 Dodge D150 Li’l Red Truck Utiline Pickup
√ 1930 Ford Model 78A Closed Cab Pickup
√ 1976 Chevrolet K10 Custom Deluxe Step-Side Pickup
√ 1953 Chevrolet 3100 Pickup
√ 1957 GMC Suburban
√ 1949 Ford F-1 Pickup
√ 1971 GMC 2500 Custom Camper
√ 1935 Dodge KC Pickup
√ 1949 Willys 1-Ton Pickup

Published by Tide-mark Press © 2023

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Great Trains 2025 Wall Calendar


In Great Trains Gil Bennett’s paintings capture the power and romance of riding the high iron. Modern steam is represented by a Pennsylvania 4-8-2, Rio Grande’s 4-8-4 and huge 2-8-8-2, plus Union Pacific’s 4-6-6-4. Famous passenger trains are pictured, too: Shasta Daylight, The Mail and Express, Puritan, and Portland Rose. These dramatic paintings are accompanied by historical captions describing each image..

This 2025 wall calendar features: Large blocks for notes | Superb printing quality | Heavy 100-pound paper | Deluxe 11- by 14-inch size

Locomotives and trains featured in this edition include:
≈  Steam in the Valley, Sumpter Valley Railroad, 1943

When the Uintah Railway abandoned its lines in Utah and Colorado, it put its locomotives and rolling stock up for sale. The Sumpter Valley bought their two articulated 2-6-6-2s, numbers 50 and 51. Converted to burn oil, a tender was added and the boiler saddle tanks removed. The locomotives served well hauling tonnage until the road closed in 1947.

Dusk. Union Pacific Railroad, 1974

This was the last helper grade on the Union Pacific as the rails climbed to a point between the Salt Lake and Utah valleys at 4,812 ft. Four SD 45s pull hard on the 9,000-ton train, as three GP 9’s shove hard on the rear, to keep the train at a steady 15 mph.

Kenosha Sunrise, Colorado & Southern Railway, 1935

Two diminutive locomotives, number 8 a 2-6-0 and number 69, a 2-8-0, take a short train up the 4% grade to the 9,576-foot summit of Kenosha Pass. The morning light rests on the 14,264 ft. Mt. Evans and will soon light the valleys and parks on this cold March day. The Colorado & Southern ran from Laurel, Montana to Dallas, Texas and had a narrow-gauge empire that ran from Denver to Baldwin, Colorado.

Morning train to Atchee, Uintah Railway, 1936

The Uintah Railway ran in the high valleys and washes of the Colorado Plateau of western Colorado and Eastern Utah, climbing grades up to 7.5% with tight curves. To battle those grades, the railway ordered two 2-6-6-2T locomotives from Baldwin. Baldwin built number 50 with the idea the steepest grade was only 5%, so the engine shops at Atchee added another steam dome so steam could be gathered from the boiler on the 7.5% grades. When Baldwin built number 51, it came with two steam domes. Here we see number 51 climbing up West Salt Wash Canyon. It has just crossed trestle 22-B heading to Atchee, with three water cars, seven box cars, three stock cars and a combine for passengers.

The Stanford in the Shadow of Mt. Shasta, Southern Pacific Railroad, 1955

In 1955, the SP took observation car 140, named the Sunset, and converted it to a business car, naming it the Stanford, after Leland. The car served the presidents of the Southern Pacific and later Union Pacific until 2022. The car has been refurbished and is in the collection of Railroading Heritage of Midwest America. Here we see Stanford on the rear of the Shasta Daylight as it heads north to Portland. A big AC-5 is running its last miles as it slowly moves up the siding while the passenger train passes. Today, this painting hangs in the car.

A Rose on the River, Union Pacific Railroad, 1946

A late running Portland Rose heads down the Columbia River Gorge on a summer morning. Due in Portland, Oregon at 7:00 a.m., the big 4-6-6-4 hustles down the track at 75 m.p.h. trying to make up for the lost time. The gorge is busy this morning as a barge motors upriver and a Spokane, Portland & Seattle Z-8 4-6-6-4 heads to Wishram, Washington on the other bank.

The Sun is out in Skagway, White Pass & Yukon Route Railway, 2023

White Pass & Yukon 3007 heads up the grades of White Pass. The train started at sea level at Skagway, Alaska and will climb to the 4,501-foot elevation at the top of the pass. The train is twothirds of the way to the top. The majestic Seven Brothers Peaks stand as sentinels in the Saw Tooth Range as a summer storm approaches. The locomotive is an E3000CC-DC narrow gauge diesel electric, sporting 3,300 horsepower, in the Black Mamba paint scheme.

Pennsy’s Perfection, Pennsylvania Railroad, 1956

Just north of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, M1 6783, digs into the rails to get her train moving on its way to Erie, PA. The big engine has been pulled from the deadline in Enola and patched up just enough to help move tonnage along the Pennsylvania’s Buffalo line. The locomotive may be old, but it was Pennsy’s finest; just a good locomotive that could pull hard, ride well and run fast.

Autumn Thunder, Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad, 1946

In 1927, the Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad took delivery of the L-131 and L-132 class Mallet-type 2-8-8-2 locomotives that held the moniker “world’s largest” for several years. ALCO built the huge locomotives to combat the stiff grades along the D&RGW system. The most challenging pair were Soldier Summit, UT, with a 2.4% grade, and Tennessee Pass, CO, with a 3.3% grade. This is L-132 3612 as it grinds up Tennessee Pass at a steady 12 m.p.h., while back in the train, another 2-8-8-2 and a 4-8-2 shove hard to lift the train up to the 10,221-foot summit.

The War Horse, Denver & Rio Grande Western, 1943

On a cool late afternoon, a MAIN train heads up the Soldier Summit grade. In charge is 1706, one of Rio Grande’s M-64 4-8-4s. It’s war time and motive power is tight and traffic heavy. The Rio Grande didn’t have any scheduled passenger trains through this area until later in the evening, however MAIN, or troop trains, could show up on the line at any time as they hustled the American boys off to war.

Hot Mail, Pennsylvania Railroad, 1956

Late November snow has coated Pennsylvania and the east. Train 85, The Mail and Express, is running on schedule as it skirts the Juniata
River. Up front, 8607, a new RSD7 heads two Pennsylvania passenger units and a long train of mail and express cars.

Rush of the Puritan, New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad, 1944

It’s a snowy winter afternoon as New Haven locomotives 0716 and 0719 speed north to Boston with the Puritan. During the first year of World War II, the New Haven Railroad received twenty DL-109 diesel electric locomotives from ALCO. The 2,000h.p. units (A1A-A1A) were built for service on passenger as well as freight trains and arrived at the perfect time to help the power-short railroad.



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Gulf Mobile & Ohio 2025 Wall Calendar


In 1940 a tangle of southern lines incorporated to form the Gulf Mobile & Ohio Railroad. Success followed and the new road saw three decades of growth. First among large railroads to adopt diesel power, the GM&O merged with Illinois Central in 1972. The south to north connection culminated in Canadian National’s purchase of IC in 1998. The Gulf Mobile & Ohio 2025 calendar looks at the line’s trains and engines in the years preceding the IC merger. All aboard the Rebel Route, eh!

This 2025 monthly wall calendar features: Large blocks for notes | Superb printing quality | Heavy 100-pound paper | Deluxe 11- by 14-inch size

Locomotives and trains featured in this edition include:

≈ Gulf, Mobile and Ohio 17, an 0-6-0 Switcher, is working at Mobile, AL on January 9, 1944.

≈ Gulf, Mobile and Ohio 1116, an Alco RS-1, looks good in a solid red paint scheme at Jackson, MS on August 16, 1969. The locomotive was built and delivered by the American Locomotive Company in February 1947.

≈ In 1962, Gulf, Mobile and Ohio management realized that their motive power situation was beginning to look grim. GM&O began buying locomotives, all from EMD. They started with 31 GP-30’s in 1963 and 1964, 48 GP-35’s in 1964 and 1965, 20 GP-38’s in 1969, 13 GP-38AC’s in 1971, and 15 GP-38-2’s in 1972. This is engine 727, a new GP-38AC.

≈ Gulf, Mobile and Ohio 1116, an Alco Model RS-1, delivered in March 1947, is sitting at Springfield, IL on May 8, 1954.

≈ Gulf, Mobile and Ohio ‘s Little Rebel Engine 352, is seen here at East St. Louis, IL in the summer of 1948. Originally painted in the light red and silver colors of the Alton Railroad, it is sporting the red and maroon of the GM&O with which Alton merged in 1947.

≈ Gulf, Mobile and Ohio 4360, an ex-Chicago and Alton Mikado (2-8-2) is being serviced at Venice IL in June 1948. At this time, 4360 was working in transfer freight service, complete with a new coat of paint.

≈ Gulf, Mobile and Ohio Motorcar 2509 with combine trailer 2553 running westbound as Train #9 is making a station stop at Mexico, MO in July 1957. 2509 was built by EMC-St. Louis in 1928.

≈ Gulf, Mobile and Ohio 101-A (F-7A) leads Train #1, the southbound Alton Limited pulling ahead of a Burlington southbound mail train just out of Chicago’s Union Station on June 22, 1963.

≈ Gulf, Mobile and Ohio 5296, an ex-Chicago and Alton Pacific (4-6-2) built by Alco-Brooks Locomotive Works in 1913, presents a striking appearance at Brighton, IL, located 60 miles south of Springfield in the summer of 1948. 5296 was on Train #12, the last GM&O passenger train ever hauled by a steam locomotive.

≈ Gulf, Mobile and Ohio 807-B leads four other F-3A’s on a very long westbound freight arriving at Roodhouse, IL on September 4, 1972. Roodhouse, with a population of about 2,000, is located on the Kansas City Line, 111 miles west of Bloomington, IL.

≈ Gulf, Mobile and Ohio 103A (two E-7A’s) is backing Train #1, the Alton Limited into St. Louis, MO Union Station on August 22, 1950. The two E-7A’s shown here were delivered by EMD in March 1945.

≈ Gulf, Mobile and Ohio 722, a Model FA-1 built by Alco in August 1946, sits at Venice, IL on July 13, 1961. GM&O purchased a fleet of FA-1 ’s, a total of 55 of them. Among the 55 was the first demonstrator of this class built.


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Hot Rods 2025 Wall Calendar


Hot rods and custom cars have always represented the independent and rebellious spirit of America. A craze that started not long after WWII when G.I.’s returning home decided to strip down and modify for speed an old jalopy they could pick up for cheap. Whether cruising to the burger stand or racing at the drag strip, these lowered, chopped, flamed, and chromed cars got the looks… and the girls! It’s a trend that continues to this day and is more popular than ever. Hot Rod Artist Larry Grossman brings this exciting scene to life with his unique and highly detailed pictures in the Hot Rods & Kustoms 2025 calendar.

This 2025 monthly wall calendar features: Large blocks for notes | Superb printing quality | Heavy 100-pound paper | Deluxe 11- by 14-inch size

Hot Rods featured in this edition include:
√ This blown Hemi-powered ’33 chopped coupe looks ready to take on all challengers, including that ’55 Chevy gasser rolling out of the garage at this classic Gilmore station.

√ Out for a cruise along the coast is this dandy ’32 full-fendered, 3-window coupe.

√ The Gee Bee Cafe is a cool Art Deco dive with a real 1930s Gee Bee Race plane on the roof! Perched on the edge of San Fransisco Bay, it’s just the spot for Bay Area rodders and bikers to hang!

√ The gangs all here at Custard’s Last Stand drive-in! Lots of fine rods, kool kats, and hip chicks just cruisin’ for burgers.

√ This classic Richfield station is the perfect pit-stop for a fine looking ’39 Ford kustom, a ’32 Hemi sedan, and a rat rod.

√ Here are a couple of cool bowzers just cruisin’ along the beach in their ‘ol skool ’32 Ford roadster.

√ Some good-looking rods and kustoms at this classic Signal station!

√ Nice selection of rods, kustoms, and gassers here at Crankshaft Motors. And note Norm Grabowski’s iconic “Kookie” T-bucket at the curb. As a kid, I saw this great rod on the TV show “77 Sunset Strip,” and I was hooked!

√ The beautiful Art Deco Pan Pacific Auditorium in L.A. was the site of many car and rod shows until in burned down in 1989.

√ Looks like Santa is taking a lunch break at the beautifully Moderne Streamliner Diner. Pretty nice looking “sleigh” Santa has there too!


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