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Mount Rainier National Park 2023 Wall Calendar


Mount Rainier National Park in western Washington State preserves some of the best of nature’s scenic treasures. Described as an Arctic island in a temperate sea of coniferous forest, Mount Rainier is the tallest volcano in the Cascade Range and the largest single-peak glacial system in the contiguous United States. The Mount Rainier National Park calendar captures the park in all of its seasonal beauty through words and photographs by Ronald G. Warfield.

This 2023 monthly wall calendar features: Large blocks for notes | Superb printing quality | Heavy 100-pound paper | Deluxe 11- by 14-inch size

Mount Rainier locations featured in this edition include:
• The season’s first storms frost the ice-covered Mountain and freeze the glacially-carved basin near Chinook Pass into winter.
• Snow-festooned trees catch the warm pastel glow of a setting sun in Edith Creek Basin at Paradise Meadows.
• Mount Rainier basks in a warm pastel glow in the magic hour around sunset.
• When we enter the park via the Carbon River valley, we arrive in an old-growth forest cathedral that only a century ago extended from the base of Mount Rainier to the shores of Puget Sound.
• The clear-flowing Paradise River spills 155 feet over the side of Mazama Ridge and chortles through Paradise Valley.
While subalpine lupine and other wildflowers carpet Edith Creek Basin, snowpacks melt slowly on this eastern face of Alta Vista.
• Mount Rainier, at 14,411 feet in elevation, towers nearly two miles above the fragrant, colorful sea of subalpine wildflowers on the Lakes Trail at Paradise.
• Mount Rainier admires itself in the mirror of Reflection Lake, bathed in warm morning light and framed by subalpine fir and mountain hemlock.
• Seekers of reflections find delight and solace in evenings enjoyed at one of the supreme wildflower meadows in the northwestern corner of the park.
• As the first snows of the approaching winter blanch the upper slopes of Mount Rainier, Paradise Meadow blazes once more.
• In the magic hours after sunset, twilight fades into astronomical darkness and the sky fills with a shimmering veil of brilliantly colored points of light–a starry wilderness.
• Sunset on the shortest day of the year casts a warm glow and strong side lighting on snowflocked subalpine firs near the old Paradise camp.

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