American Folk Art 2022 Calendar

What was it like in the era before six-lane highways choked with automobiles and tractor trailer trucks? A time before the speed of the internet and, seemingly, everything else began to make us feel as if we were being pushed faster than we wanted to go?  Jane Wooster Scott creates paintings that take us back to a time before what seems like the pressure of modernity overtook America. These are painting that encourage us to feel an old-fashioned sense of calm and ease.  In these vividly painted scenes of America’s celebrations and holidays Jane Wooster Scott offers a vision of an America both welcoming and unhurried. Speaking about her approach to her work Jane says, “I paint the way I do and choose my subjects out of a deep love for my country’s heritage.”


Large blocks for notes | Beautiful reproduction | Quality heavy-weight paper | Deluxe 11 by 14-inch size

TMP22-3540 ,

A versatile and prolific artist, Jane Wooster Scott has garnered international recognition as one of the finest painters of Americana working today. In American Folk Art, her charming scenes of America’s celebrations and holidays offer a vision of an idealized earlier America.

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 11 × 14 × 0.25 in