Baltimore and Ohio 2024 Wall Calendar

Running the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad meant big trains operating through challenging terrain, but the railroad made it work with smart engineering and impressive steam. This edition of the calendar features a range of engines and named trains from “Big Six” engine 6222, a Santa Fe Class S-1a 2-10-2, and Baldwin-built engine 7621, a Class EM-1 2-8-8-4 “war baby,” to engine 4422, a Class Q4-b Mikado 2-8-2 built in 1922, and engine 5316, a Pacific type 4-6-2 originally named President Grant. Ride the B and O all through 2024.

This 2024 monthly wall calendar features: Large blocks for notes | Superb printing quality | Heavy 100-pound paper | Deluxe 11- by 14-inch size

Locomotives and named trains featured in this edition include:
≈ It is May 3, 1951, and Baltimore and Ohio 7209, a simple articulated Class EL-2a (2-8-8-0) built by the Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1916, is seen here on a freight near Corriganville, PA.
≈ It is June 26, 1952, and Baltimore and Ohio 72 A is on the point of Train #9, the westbound Washington to Pittsburgh Express. This train is advertised in the Official Guide as “Diesel Electric All The Way.” This day’s power consists of three Electro-Motive E6s, an A-B-A set.
≈ Baltimore and Ohio 5316, a Class P-7e Pacific (4-6-2), originally named President Grant, is on the point of Train #21, the westbound, six-car Washingtonian crossing Evitts Creek, only a mile east of Cumberland, MD, on July 2, 1952.
≈ Baltimore and Ohio 7619, A Class EM-1 (2-8-8-4) is working hard lifting a freight through the Cumberland Narrows on September 18, 1955. 7619 was the last of 20 “war babies” built in 1944 (7600 through 7619) by the Baldwin Locomotive Works; a second order followed in 1945. These were B&O’s largest steam locomotives. Engine and tender combined weighed over one million pounds. They were coal-burners and carried 25 tons of coal and 22 thousand gallons of water.
≈ Baltimore and Ohio 813, an FA-FB-FA set, is leading a Timesaver freight eastbound near Meyersdale, PA on September 25, 1952. The FA’s were built by the American Locomotive Company as 1,600-horsepower units. They were used mainly in freight service, but could and were also used in passenger, mail, and troop-train service on occasion.
≈ Baltimore and Ohio 7154, a Class EL-5a (2-8-8-0) is teamed up with 6222, an S-1a (2-10-2) on a heavy westbound manifest, with SA Tower off to the right side. The summit of Sand Patch is just ahead of the train, which has another S-1a pushing behind the caboose. The 26 Class EL-5s were built by Baldwin in 1919 and 1920, and they served the B&O for more than 30 years before being retired.
≈ Baltimore and Ohio 6209, a 1,600-horsepower Model AS-16 built by Baldwin in 1955, has a transfer freight in tow at Cincinnati, OH on October 30, 1965. B&O had sixteen of these engines in service.
≈ Baltimore and Ohio Class P-7 Pacific (4-6-2) 5305 was built by the Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1927. The locomotives were designed for passenger train service and were named after United States Presidents. 5305 was originally named President Monroe. It was eventually rebuilt by the Mount Clare Shop and assigned number 5305. It is seen here making a station stop on November 9, 1955 at Zanesville, OH with westbound Train 233.

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