Baltimore and Ohio (B&O) Railroad 2025 Calendar

Running the Baltimore and Ohio (B&O) Railroad meant big trains operating through challenging terrain, but the railroad made it work with smart engineering and impressive steam. The B&O Railroad 2025 calendar features a range of engines and named trains from engine 5040, a Class P-1d Pacific (4-6-2), 6219, a  Big Six (2-10-2), 7156, a Class EL-5a (2-8-8-0), 6168, a Class S-1 Santa Fe type (2-10-2), and much more. Ride the B & O all through 2025.

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Baltimore and Ohio Railroad locomotives and named trains featured include:

~ Engine 5583, a Class T-3b Mountain (4-8-2) leading a freight westbound up Sand Patch at Bracken, PA on January 14, 1956.

~ A pair of F-7A’s, two of 159 purchased from EMD between 1948 and 1952, lead a westbound freight at Green Spring, WV on February 27, 1953.

~ Baltimore and Ohio 5040, a Class P-1d Pacific (4-6-2), is in charge of Train #22, the eastbound Washingtonian on March 26, 1952.

~ Big Six (2-10-2) 6219 is bringing a westbound freight around the horseshoe curve at Mance, PA on April 21, 1954.

~ At the Grafton, WV engine terminal, on May 27, 1954, 4462, a Class Q-4b Mikado (2-8-2) is in the foreground, and F-7A 277 is on the turntable. There are about 20 steam locomotives and eight diesels in this view.

~ B&O 7156, a Class EL-5a 2-8-8-0, is passing 4308, a Class Q-1t 2-8-2 Mikado built in 1913, on June 15, 1952 at Cumberland, MD. 7156 has a westbound freight in tow.

~ Baltimore and Ohio 4404, a Class Q-4 Mikado 2-8-2, and a Class S-1a Santa Fe 2-10-2 are on a westbound coal train on Sand Patch Grade in July 1951.

~ A Model S-2 switcher built for B&O by the American Locomotive Company in 1943, is waiting a call at Chicago, IL on August 20, 1961.

~ Baltimore and Ohio 6576, one of 174 Class GP-9’s built by EMD, is on a local freight in Bethesda, MD on September 4, 1973.

~ A Class S-1 Santa Fe type (2-10-2) 6168 is a point helper for 7105 (Class EL-1a, 2-8- 8-0) working a westbound empty reefer train up Sand Patch on October 10, 1949.

~ B&O 7626, a Class EM-1 Yellowstone (2-8-8-4) leads a westbound freight along the Potomac River at Hansrote, WV in November 1952.

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