Canadian National Railway 2022 Calendar

Like other roads, Canadian National Railway relied on steam locomotives to
move people and freight from coast to coast from 1918 to 1960. Celebrate that era
in these vintage photographs. CNR steam locomotives featured here include: 1536, a
Ten-Wheeler built in 1910; 5071, a Pacific-type built in 1914; 50, one of only six CNR
4-6-4 tank locomotives; and much more great steam on what was known as “The People’s Railway.”

This 2022 monthly wall calendar features:

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TMP22-3670 ,

Engines and locations featured in the 2022 calendar include:

Canadian National 6213, a Class U-2-g Northern (4-8-4), is waiting a call at Niagara Falls, Ontario on January 28, 1959. A war-baby locomotive built in August 1942, 6213 handled both freight and passenger trains with ease. In this image, it is very near its retirement. In April 1960, it was donated to the City of Toronto. It is on permanent display at the Toronto Railway Museum.

Canadian National 3431 and 6207 are double heading a westbound freight past the Dundas, Ontario depot on March 20, 1950. Helper engine 3431 is a Class S-1-f Mikado, one of a 100 built by the Canadian Locomotive Company in 1913. This multipurpose (freight, mail or passenger) locomotive was set aside and scrapped in June 1961. Road engine 6307 is a Class U-3-a built in 1927 by the Schenectady Locomotive Company (Alco). Canadian National liked these locomotives, evidenced by the fact that they owned 203 of them.

Canadian National 6178 and 6245 are on a double-headed westbound freight at Hamilton Junction, Ontario on March 21, 1959. Helper 6178 is one of 15 Class U-2-e Class Northerns (4-8-4); Road Engine 6245 is one of 30 Class U-2-h Northerns (4-8-4). Both locomotives were built by the Montreal Locomotive Works in 1940 and 1943 respectively.

Canadian National 6131, a Class U-2-b Northern (4-8-4) is on a westbound freight passing Bayview Tower, Hamilton, Ontario on April 30, 1955. Montreal Locomotive Works built 20 of these locomotives in 1927.

Canadian National 6404, one of five Class U-4-a streamlined Northerns (4-8-4) is westbound with Mail Train 91, complete with a rider coach coming through Stony Creek, Ontario on May 12, 1958. Montreal Locomotive Works built all five in 1936. Two of these locomotives 6401 and 6402, were transferred to the Grand Trunk Western.

Canadian National 1536, one of five Class H-6-d Ten Wheelers (4-6-0) built in 1910, is slowly pulling away from the Portage la Prairie, Manitoba coal dock with a westbound local freight on May 21, 1959. 1536 provided the CN with almost fifty years of service. It was retired in 1959. Portage la Prairie is located 45 miles west of Winnipeg.

Canadian National 5071, one of 31 Class J-3-b Pacifics built in 1914 by Montreal Locomotive Works for passenger and express train service, is on a nicely color matched passenger train at Quebec City on July 17, 1958.

Canadian National 1560, a Class I-6-b Ten-Wheeler (4-6-0), one of 31 built, is westbound with Mixed Train #329 at the Mildmay, Ontario depot on July 17, 1957. There is a Railway Post Office Car (RPO) and a rider coach on the rear of the train. The RPO Car was what sustained many of these local trains. It was a steady source of revenue. If passengers weren’t riding and the freight car count was down, the Postal Service paid the freight. (Jim Buckley)

Here is an interesting locomotive. 50, a Class X-10-a (4-6-4T) tank locomotive, one of six on the CN roster, was built by the Montreal Locomotive Works in 1914. It was used in commuter train service in the Montreal, Quebec area. It had to be coaled and watered after each trip, and it ran its route either frontward or backward. It did not need to be turned for a return trip. They were also called Baltic Tank engines, but were most often referred to as Suburbans. 50 was removed from service in 1960 and in July 1961 it was sold to a private non-railroad owner.

Right out of the shops, Canadian National 5700, one of five Class K-5-a Hudsons (4-6-4) built in 1930 by the Montreal Locomotive Works sits at Sunnyside, Ontario on October 18, 1958. These five locomotives, with their 80-inch drivers, would be used in passenger service. 5700 was set to be saved for display, but sister engine 5703 was renumbered 5700 and took its place on permanent display at the Elgin County Railway Museum at St. Thomas, Ontario.

Canadian National 5267, a Class J-7-c, one of 30 engines built by the Montreal Locomotive Works in 1918, is rolling through Guelph, Ontario with Train #28 on October 18, 1958. 5267 continued to serve the CN until a diesel replaced it in 1959.

Canadian National 5114, a Class J-1-d Pacific (4-6-2) built by the Montreal Locomotive Works in 1919, is on a westbound passenger train at Niagara Falls, Ontario on October 21, 1953. Montreal built 17 locomotives in this class, primarily for passenger and express train service.

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