Celebrating Roses 2025 Calendar

The Celebrating Roses 2025 calendar presents America’s official flower in all its beauty and variety. The rose’s rich colors and elegant petal structure come alive in photographs by Rich Baer, an award-winning member of the Portland Rose Society. Sales of the roses calendar support the educational missions of the PRS.

Celebrating Roses 2025 calendar features: Large blocks for notes | Superb printing quality | Heavy 100-pound paper | Deluxe 11- by 14-inch size

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Roses featured in this edition of the calendar include:

Watercolors – This 3-4 inch, 5 petaled bloom usually has bright yellow stamens surrounded by a light yellow center edged with dark blushing pink that turns red with aging.

Love’s Kiss – This bright pink, edged in a darker pink, hybrid tea rose is a perfect gift for any valentine, even the name evokes visions of emotional affection.

True Sincerity – This 3 to 4 inch, 45-60 petaled bloom has a bright yellow center surrounded by pink edging that ages to red. Its glossy medium green foliage only serves to accentuate its beauty.

The Finest – This 4-inch, 35-40 petaled pure white hybrid tea rose really stands out in any setting. The medium green matte foliage and slight fragrance only add to its overall beauty.

Double Perfection – This 4-5 inch, 35 petaled bright yellow with red edging hybrid tea rose is a stunning addition to
any garden or vase. The semi glossy, dark-green dense foliage certainly add a contrasting dimension to its display.

Daddy’s Little Girl – This miniature rose has 1-2 inch, 20-plus petaled rich pink blooms with a white eye and bright yellow stamens. It is a vigorous bush that grows compactly to about 2 feet. It is adorned by small semi glossy medium green foliage and stands out in the garden or in a vase.

Sweet Gesture – This prolific floribunda rose certainly defines the color “clear pink.” The blooms appear in 3-4 inch, 40 plus petaled clear salmon pink clusters surrounded by large glossy medium green foliage. It also has a light fragrance.

Pink Meidiland –  This 4-inch, 5 petaled dark pink rose with a white center and golden stamens is quite a stunning shrub rose. It has bronzy green semi glossy foliage and mild fragrance. It is a vigorous bush and can grow 6 feet wide and tall.

Midas Touch – This bright, deep yellow, 4-5 inch, 25 plus petaled bloom with its bright gold stamens certainly stands out in the garden or in a vase. It is adorned by large matte medium green disease resistant foliage that only enhances its beauty.

Pop Art – The 4-5 inch, 50 plus petaled pink and yellow striped blooms invite a second look from anyone visiting the garden. The compact 4-foot bush with glossy dark green foliage always invites a return visit. However, what really brings rose lovers back is the glorious intense fragrance.

Autumn Splendor – This spectacular 2-3 inch, 30-40 petaled miniflora bloom varies from bright yellow to a pink tinged light orange to bright red as it ages. Its displays of varying hues is vivid and ongoing throughout its aging.  This rose won the American Rose Society’s Award of Excellence in 1999.

White Lies – This new floribunda is the work of amateur hybridizer Dr. John Pottschmidt and it more than lives up to its unique name. The 3-4 inch, 25 petaled blooms start out as a pearly white that ages with sunshine to a bright vibrant red. The 4 to 5 foot bush is adorned with medium green glossy foliage that make this a standout in any venue.

About Photographer Rich Baer

Rich Baer is an award-winning rose photographer who has won hundreds of American Rose Society awards over the last 20 years. His photos have appeared in numerous texts and magazines as well as in the catalogues of companies such as Jackson & Perkins; Edmunds’ Roses; Weeks Roses; and Heirloom Roses. of course, Rich’s photography is so good because it is imbued with the passion that he has for roses. not only does he have degrees in botany, plant physiology, and plant pathology that help him to know what it is that creates good roses, but he also has a garden of over 1,000 roses that demonstrates the practical application of that knowledge! The photo above depicts a portion of his garden. in addition, he is an accredited rose horticultural and arrangement judge and is an ARS Master Rosarian. and yes, he sometimes takes hours, or days, to get just the right shot.

About the Portland Rose Society

The Portland Rose Society is the oldest rose society in the United States. It was established in 1889 by Mrs. Henry Pittock, wife of the first publisher of the Portland newspaper The Oregonian, and some of her friends. Their vision was to celebrate the glory of the rose, a goal reached through the dedicated efforts of the members of the Portland Rose Society. Today, the PRS continues this vision in its 132nd year. The mission of the PRS is to educate the public about all facets of rose culture in order to perpetuate the love of the queen of flowers.

The PRS has sustained its purpose of growing and showing the best-of-the-best roses for the enjoyment and education of the citizens of Portland since it held its first rose show in a tent in Mrs. Pittock’s garden. Today the PRS sponsors annual Spring, all-Miniature, and Fall Rose Shows, which are extravaganzas. In addition, the organization has helped establish the Gold Award Garden and the Gold Award Pavilion in the Washington Park International Rose Test Gardens. The PRS also conducts several pruning demonstrations each spring and holds monthly educational meetings to further its mission. Many rose lovers enjoy its monthly newsletter, The Portland Rose Chatter, which contains articles, timely tips, and new insights on rose culture. Finally, the PRS maintains educational booths at garden shows and fairs to encourage the public to grow and enjoy roses.

PRS members are passionate about their favorite flower and America’s popular pastime and hobby of growing roses. They work to continue Portland’s heritage as “the City of Roses” and invite others to join them in perpetuating the love of the rose. To that end, PRS has enlisted the help of award-winning rose photographer Rich Baer in producing this annual calendar. PRS hopes you will enjoy the calendar and join them in their quest to ensure that the rose continues to be “America’s national flower.”

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 11 × 14 × .25 in