Classic Outhouses 2024 Wall Calendar

We grapple with vital human needs every day. They inspire great paintings, extraordinary books, symphonies, and cathedrals. Classic Outhouses pictures privies that cross every culture and at special moments are as important as any book or cathedral. . . though a few pages of that book could also prove useful.

This 2024 monthly wall calendar features: Large blocks for notes | Superb printing quality | Heavy 100-pound paper | Deluxe 11- by 14-inch size

Outhouses featured in this edition include:
≈ A chilly visit in Inyo County, California
≈ The place to go in the vast Montana prairie
≈ Beside the woodpile in Montana
≈ Remote island outhouse in Alaska
≈ The sound of waterfalls in Westfijords, Iceland
≈ A view of the Andes Mountains in Chile, South America
≈ Boaters’ outhouse in British Columbia, Canada
≈ View from the desert outhouse in northern Chile, South America
≈ In the Owens Valley, California
≈ High Sierra outhouse in Inyo National Forest, California
≈ Surrounded by autumn colors in Jackson, New Hampshire
≈ Beside the corrals in Chilean Patagonia, South America

Published by Tide-mark Press © 2023

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About Londie Padelsky

“I have driven many dirt roads seeking scenic landscapes, and in the process found out-of-the-way outhouses all over the western states. it dawned on me that these little lean-tos told the true history of the area and once they vanished, so would an era reminiscent of the simpler ways of life. “I have hiked, biked, skied, snowshoed, and ridden horseback to capture these extraordinary, humorous, and historic outbuildings. On my photographic journeys abroad, I’ve continued my outlandish search for these decrepit one, two, or three-holers. While tromping grizzly territory in Alaska; backpacking the Haleakala Crater in Hawaii, the fjords of New Zealand, and the jungles of Argentina; and exploring the base of a Chilean volcano, I have found that there is never an outhouse too remote to photograph!” Londie’s book Outhouses: Flushing Out America’s Hidden Treasures by Stoecklein Publishing continues to be a bestseller. a native Californian who has lived in the Eastern Sierras since 1982, Londie’s acclaimed photographs on a variety of subjects have been published in national magazines, books, and calendars.

© 2023 Tide-mark Press

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 11 × 14 × .25 in