Illinois Central Railroad 2025 Calendar

The Illinois Central Railroad 2025 calendar features what was the longest railroad in the world in 1856. Illinois Central rails crossed Illinois, and eventually connected Chicago to New Orleans and the Gulf of Mexico. Locomotives featured in the calendar range from a 1920 Lima-built Santa Fe 2-10-2, a 1942 IC-built Mountain 4-8-2, an unusual post-war ALCO RS-2 diesel-electric, and more. Celebrate the “Mainline of Mid-America.”

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Locomotives featured in this edition include:
≈ llinois Central 4023, an EMD E8A, is on the point of Train #19, the southbound Chicago to St. Louis Daylight, making a station stop at Clinton, Illinois on January 17, 1953.

≈ Illinois Central 2745, a fresh out of the Paducah Shops Santa Fe Type 2-10-2, has just taken on a load of coal at Paducah, KY on April 27, 1957. Built by the Lima Locomotive Works in 1920, the 48 engines of this class were used in coal train service, and some of them lasted into 1959.

≈ Illinois Central 1196, a Pacific Type (4-6-2) is being prepared for service, as three employees put the finishing touches on it before the engine leaves the terminal at Paducah, KY on April 18, 1957. It appears that 2741, a Santa Fe Type (2-10-2) will be next.

≈ Illinois Central 2065, a Pacific Type (4-6-2), one of 46 engines built by American Locomotive Company between 1905 and 1912, is leading a local freight at Horse Branch, KY on April 19, 1957.

≈ Illinois Central 9219 leads a freight near Monee, IL in May 1969. Illinois Central never operated any of the “covered wagons” like early EMD F Units or GE FA’s or PA’s. They stayed with steam, and then jumped into the GP7 and GP9 market.

≈ llinois Central 4021, an E8-A built by EMD in 1950, is leading Train #19, the southbound Daylight, a day train from Chicago, IL to St. Louis, MO on May 4, 1955. It is passing through Waggoner, IL, a small farming town about 25 miles south of Springfield. After leaving Central Station, Chicago at 10:00AM it would travel 294 route miles to St. Louis in about seven and a quarter hours.

≈ llinois Central 9220-9221-9218 (All are EMD GP-9’s.) are bringing Train #77 into Dubuque, IA on August 20, 1959. Dubuque was known as a city with many meat packing businesses, and this line to Chicago saw a constant flow of meat reefers. In this view, empty reefers are arriving from points in the east.

≈ Illinois Central 3687 was one of 50 2-8-2 Mikados built by the Baldwin Locomotive Works from 1912 to 1924. In 1941, IC removed the pilot truck, boosted the steam pressure to 225 pounds, moved the headlight and made a few other minor changes. They created two 0-8-2 heavy switch engines that would be needed for wartime yard work without spending a lot of money buying new power.

≈ In the twilight of what was to be a short operating life, Illinois Central 2613, one of 20 Mountain Type (4-8-2) locomotives, is being serviced at Carbondale, IL on October 2, 1958. 2613 is a product of the Paducah, KY Shops, built there in 1942.

≈ Illinois Central 4001B, an EMD E-6A in an early paint scheme, lettered for the Panama Limited is at New Orleans, LA on October 3, 1943.

≈ Illinois Central 703, one of three RS-2’s on the IC roster, is switching at East St. Louis, IL on December 7, 1963. Illinois Central bought 702 and 703 from Peabody Short Line, previously the East St. Louis and Belleville Electric Railroad.

≈ llinois Central 3293 is an 0-6-0 shop switcher used to move locomotives being overhauled around the backshop. This 71-tonner is moving a locomotive at the Paducah, KY shops on December 14, 1956.

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