Milwaukee Road 2025 Calendar

The Milwaukee Road 2025 calendar celebrates the railroad that eventually extended its tracks across the northern tier of the United States to the Pacific Ocean. Noted for its innovative electric motive power and passenger service, the line’s successes were overshadowed by weak management and strong competition. By Spring 1982, all Milwaukee lines from the West Coast to Minnesota had been abandoned, and in 1986 the remaining Midwest lines were absorbed into the Soo Line. Today CP Rail operates what remains.

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Locomotives and named trains featured in this edition include:
≈ Milwaukee Road 512, a Class L2-a (4-6-0) Ten Wheeler, is taking a ride on the Council Bluffs, IA turntable March 17, 1953. 512 was built by the Baldwin Locomotive Works in October 1920.

≈ Passenger Joe E-21 leading Train #15, the westbound Olympian Hiawatha is making a station stop at Deer Lodge, MT on July 15, 1951. Motors E-20 and E-21 (Class EP-4) were geared for passenger service.

≈ Milwaukee Road 14-A and 14-B (two Alco Model DL-109A’s) are leaving Chicago’s Union Station with Train #5, the Twin Cities Hiawatha in March 1946. The train ran on a 6-hour 40-minute schedule on the 420-mile route from Chicago, IL to St. Paul, MN Union Depot. The locomotive paint scheme seen in this image lasted only about a year until a simpler scheme was applied.

≈ Milwaukee Road bipolar (Class EP-4) Motor E-4 is on the point of Train #16, the eastbound Olympian Hiawatha arriving at Deer Lodge, MT on April 29, 1958. There were only five bipolars built and Milwaukee Road owned all of them. E-4 was built by General Electric in 1919, and it had accrued almost 40 years of service, and mechanical problems began to occur.

Milwaukee Road 99-A (EMD Model FP-7 and F-9B and B-F7A) are on the point of Train #101, the Afternoon Hiawatha which departed from Chicago, IL, at 1:00PM for Minneapolis, MN, arriving there at 7:45 PM. The train is seen here near LaCrosse, WI in May 1969.

≈ Milwaukee Road 15-A, an EMD Model E-6A built in 1941, is on a commuter train, with aging commuter cars to match at Libertyville, IL in June 1956. 15-A would be traded to EMD for new power in 1961.

≈ Milwaukee Road employees referred to this piece of equipment as a Galloping Goose. It is known officially
as Inspection Car #16 pictured here at South Beloit, WI on May 22, 1954.

≈ Milwaukee Road 943, a Prairie-type Class K1 (2-6-2) locomotive built by the Milwaukee Shops in December 1908, is on a local freight, switching at Hilbert, WI on August 22, 1953. It would be scrapped on December 31, 1955. It served the Milwaukee well for 47 years.

≈ Milwaukee Road owned only two Baldwin Model RS-12 road switchers. 970 (later 926) was delivered in May 1951, and 971 (later 927) arrived in October 1952. Both were steam-generator equipped, allowing them to be used in passenger or mail train service if needed.

≈ Milwaukee Road Class EF-5 Motor E-39 and E-22, a Class EP-1A two-motor set, are both peeking out of the Tacoma, WA engine house on September 13, 1963. The E-39 looks utilitarian, but the E-22 has a face that even a mother might find unattractive.

≈ Milwaukee Road 16-A, one of two EMD E7-A’s in their original paint scheme, was delivered in 1946. The new EMDs pushed aside most of the steam power that had dominated rail service throughout World War Two. 16A and 16B lead an early Hiawatha train near Morton Grove, IL in June 1947.

≈ Milwaukee Road General Electric Motors E-32 A, B and D are assigned helpers at Beverly, WA, to assist a freight out of the Columbia River Gorge; Engine 1638, an EMD Model SW-1200, is on a local freight running along the Columbia River with several cars bound for the Hanford Nuclear Site on December 31, 1958.

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