Sailing to the Mark 2023 Wall Calendar

How to sail faster than your competitors? How to round the mark first and find a breeze to keep you ahead? On salt water and fresh all around America, sailors are planning strategies to overcome the limits of their waterlines and finesse the right of way to tack ahead of the competition. Andrew Sims and JH Peterson capture the excitement of competitive sailing around the world and bring great races together in Sailing to the Mark.

This 2023 monthly wall calendar features: Large blocks for notes | Superb printing quality | Heavy 100-pound paper | Deluxe 11- by 14-inch size

Races and locations featured in this edition include:
~ The Mississippi River may be frozen in Minnesota, but the lure of sailing brings DN-class boats out on the ice. These single-person “yachts” carry 60 square feet of sail capable of powering these ice rockets to speeds of more than 50 mph.
~ The competition is relentless among Olympic 470-class sailors in Miami, FL. Since it is a one-design boat, teamwork, tactics, and skill make the winning difference.
~ Between the wind and the tide, participants in the J/111 World Championships off Narragansett, RI could not predict the outcome of any race.
~ April sees competitive sail boats from around the world arriving for Charleston Race Week at Charleston, SC, where some 180 boats participate in more than 100 races throughout the week.
~ Still making waves, Freedom, the winner of the 1980 America’s Cup race, is setting her spinnaker during the 2019 World Championships off Newport, RI, where she took sixth place in the Modern Division.
~ As these boats demonstrate on San Francisco Bay during the Rolex Big Boat series at St. Francis Yacht Club, color makes the wind go faster.
~ The VX One-class start is exciting, fast, and wet at Charleston Race Week off Charleston, SC.
~ Light wind demands more sail as these competitors seek an advantage during the 2020 Eggemoggin Reach Regatta on Penobscot Bay in Maine.
~ Hiked out to keep their Lasers going fast during the Olympic Classes Regatta off Miami, FL, these sailors prove they need to be as resilient as their boats.
~ Traffic is heavy in the ORC Class race during the New York Yacht Club’s 175th Anniversary Regatta of Newport, RI.
~ A clutch of boats flies their asymmetric Melges 15s spinnakers during the Winter Series Regatta on Florida’s Sarasota Bay.
~ Framed by the Golden Gate Bridge, Perseverance (sail 216) seems to be falling behind Big Bouys (sail 28447) on a downwind leg of the Rolex Big Boat Series. San Francisco Bay looks windy and cold, though running gives the sun a chance to deliver some warmth to these J/105 sailors.

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About JH Peterson
For more than three decades JH Peterson has covered most of the major sailing events in America, along with literally hundreds of smaller ones. Whether on an ocean or lake, great or small, if it involves sailboats racing, he has probably been there. His work shows a life-long fascination with the interplay of water, wind and light. As a widely-published photographer, his work has been featured in every U.S. sailing magazine, as well as dozens of international publications. His images have appeared on more than 300 magazine covers, and his prints are widely collected by both individuals and corporations. Based in the Midwest, Peterson travels widely to seek out the next great sailing shot. Yet, surrounded where he lives by lakes, it’s not surprising that one of his favorite locations is only minutes from his home.

About Andrew Sims
For more than 20 years, Andrew Sims has been covering world-class sailing events in the United States and shooting cruising along the coast of Maine. His work frequently appears on the covers and inside pages of American yachting magazines. Perhaps the warmest appreciation of Sims’ photography comes from the sailors themselves. He has sold prints to hundreds, if not thousands of both owners and crew members who enjoy some of the best photos of their yachts competing in action. Andrew’s approach to marine photography is unique in that he often drives his own photo boat while shooting, getting himself into the action to exactly where he needs to be to get that one shot that says sailing is powerful, exciting, and beautiful. Andrew is based in Freeport, Maine.

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