Santa Fe Railway 2022 Calendar


Chartered just before the Civil War, during the next three decades the tracks of the Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe Railway reached from Chicago to Los Angeles. Santa Fe’s trains provided the country’s most appealing passenger service and for shippers, the most innovative intermodal freight service in America. Santa Fe features classic steam and diesel locomotives working on the ATSF.

This 2022 monthly wall calendar features:

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Engines and locations featured in the 2022 edition include:

• Santa Fe 1149 and three other GP-20’s are on a westbound freight making a crew change at Chillicothe, IL, on February 12, 1968. 

• You can almost smell the fresh paint as 233 and another SD75M just like it is approaching with a passenger special on Cajon Pass in February 1996. The SD75M’s, built in 1995, were the last units purchased by Santa Fe; there were 51 of them constructed by Electromotive Division. 

• Santa Fe 250-C is leading an eastbound freight at Williams, AZ, in July 1957. This is an EMD F7A-B-B-A, with the four units able to exert 6,000 horsepower. 250-C was delivered new to Santa Fe in 1951 and was traded in for new power in 1966. 

• Santa Fe 3440 is leading a hopper train at the Borax Company lead at Boron, CA, on May 14, 1973. Boron is located thirty miles east of Mojave, CA.

• Santa Fe 68 (a three-unit 6,000 horsepower PA-PB-PA  52 Class locomotive) is on the eastbound Grand Canyon Limited three miles east of Edelstein, IL on June 22, 1954. This train consists of all heavyweight cars; American Locomotive Company built the locomotives and delivered them in late 1948. 

• Santa Fe 1852, an 1800 Class Prairie Type 2-6-2, is switching a wooden SFRD refrigerator car at Littleton, CO, on July 30, 1952. There were 88 locomotives in this class, all built by the Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1906 and 1907. 

• Santa Fe 944 is leading an all-warbonnet four-unit consist westbound through East Eagle Nest, AZ, on August 5, 1995. 

• Santa Fe 100 and 103 (both are SDFP-45’s.) are ready to lead the westbound El Capitan out of Dearborn (MI) Station on August 17, 1968. Due to the summertime rush, the first section of the train is sitting to the left of 100 and 103. The green flags it is flying indicate that a second section of the El Capitan is following. 

• Santa Fe 7448, a General Electric B40-8, is leading an eastbound intermodal train at Walong, CA, on August 11, 1989. 

• Santa Fe 2A and 2B are at Chicago, IL, in the fall of 1939. These locomotives were delivered from Electromotive on June 4, 1937. They were originally to be painted in two-tone blue, apparently similar to the Blue Goose. 

• Santa Fe 604 and 505 (C44-9W and B40-8W, both built by General Electric) are on an eastbound intermodal train on the approach to Dalies, NM, on December 29, 2000. On an eastbound approach, the main line to Belen, NM is to the right, and a single-track line to Albuquerque and Raton Pass cuts off to the left. 604 will arrive in Belen for servicing and a crew change in about 20 minutes. 

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