Southern Pacific 2022 Calendar

Southern Pacific Railroad began with a simple idea: to connect San Francisco and San Diego, California, by rail. A century later, Southern Pacific had become one of the largest railroads in America, with lines that stretched from coast to coast (connecting to New York via Morgan Line steamships) and from the south to the northwest. In 1959, SP moved more ton-miles of freight than any other U.S. railroad. Engines featured here reach back to the era of SP steam, and forward to the diesels of the 1970s.

This 2022 monthly wall calendar features:

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Engines and locations featured in the 2022 edition include:

• Southern Pacific Cab Forward 4247, a Class AC-11 (articulated Consolidation) 4-8-8-2, is leading the first section of Train #553, a three-engine freight on the Modoc Line at Sage Hen, CA, on February 4, 1956. The Southern Pacific was the only railroad to operate cab-forward locomotives. 

• Southern Pacific 2914, a Twelve-Wheeler Type 4-8-0, is on a local freight at McKittrick, CA on February 12, 1955. This is the Buttonwillow Branch. 2914 was one of 98 Class TW locomotives built in 1908, many of them by the Schenectady Locomotive Works.  

• Southern Pacific 8243, an EMD SD40T-2 and five other large locomotives are rolling a consist of southbound “oil cans” through a verdant green landscape up the stiff two-percent grade of Tehachapi Pass. There are five more locomotives cut into the middle of the train helping this 9,500-ton oil train to the summit one mile east of Tehachapi, CA. 

• Here is Southern Pacific 9738 and Denver and Rio Grande Western 5388; both locomotives are EMD Tunnel Motors, teamed up with the ski train climbing out of Rocky, CO toward the Big Ten Curve in early April 1992. 

• Southern Pacific 4433, a Class GS-4, a 4-8-4 Northern, has a string of refrigerator cars in tow. It is May 28, 1955, and the big Northern is working secondary lines. 4433 is one of 28 locomotives in this class, built by the Lima Locomotive Works in 1941. 

• Information about Southern Pacific engine 262, a Class E-33 American (4-4-0) built by Cooke Locomotive Works in 1898 is sparse. The date is June 25, 1944, and 262 is switching at San Antonio, TX. It was wartime, and almost any locomotive that could hold steam had a job. 

• Southern Pacific 4370, a Class MT-2 (4-8-2 Mountain-type), is at San Francisco, CA, on July 23, 1953, ready to depart for San Jose, CA, with Train Number 128, a northbound, eight-stop commuter train. 4370 was built at the company shops in Sacramento in 1927. 

• Southern Pacific 4246, a Class AC-11 (4-8-8-2, built by the Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1942) is leading, running eastbound on the Modoc Line near Likely, CA on July 29, 1955. 

• This is the short 1.2 miles around the Tehachapi Loop at Walong, CA. Southern Pacific 4366 and two other Model SD-9E are spreading ballast, running westbound in September 1973. 

• Southern Pacific 3204, has Train #52, the San Joaquin Daylight coming through Woodford, CA southbound on October 2, 1959. The power for this train is engine 3204, an EMD SDP45, one of an order for ten. 

• It is July 19, 1967 as Southern Pacific 6453 leads Train #3, the westbound Golden State through Alhambra, CA, only six miles from the Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal. 

• Southern Pacific 9192 leads two other units and is headed south on Colorado’s Joint Line about three miles north of Palmer Lake, CO, on February 12, 1988.  All three units are in Southern Pacific merger paint. 

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