Street Cars & Trolleys 2022 Calendar

Before automobiles and buses there were streetcars or trolleys in virtually every American city. Streetcars & Trolleys recalls that era through historic photographs from around the United States. The 2022 calendar includes lines from Atlantic City, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dallas, Yonkers, and more.

This 2022 monthly wall calendar features:

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Lines and locations featured in the 2022 edition include:

• Cleveland Transit System Car 4145 and Route 22 Trolleybus 3925 are both loading passengers on January 8, 1953 at Cleveland Square, OH. 

• With its better days behind it, Conestoga Traction 228 has paused in its travels at Penn Square, Lancaster, PA, on February 2, 1947. At one time, Lancaster was at the center of seven different radiating electric lines, but by the time this slide was taken, most had been abandoned. 

• Illinois Terminal Car 405 is rolling over a small pile trestle with the Decatur-Forsyth Shuttle in March 1953. 

• Atlantic City Transportation Car 108 and two other identical cars are in service at Atlantic City, NJ, on April 27, 1946. In the distance can be seen the Steel Pier amusement park. 

• Dallas Railway and Terminal Car 762 is in downtown Dallas, TX, in May 1952. The car has stopped at the Titche-Goettinger department store at North St. Paul St. 

• Cedar Rapids and Iowa City (CRANDIC) Car 120 is backing away from the station at Iowa City, IA in June 1951, en route to Cedar Rapids and points north. Car 120 was built by the Pullman Company in 1931, and in 1941 the Indiana Railroad sold it to CRANDIC. 

• Ottawa Transportation Commission Car 856 is passing Confederation Plaza, the seat of Canadian government. It is July 1952, and the change to trolleybuses would soon be underway. 

• Johnstown Traction PCC Car 401 has stopped to pick up a passenger in its namesake town of Johnstown, PA in the summer of 1956. Johnstown was one of the smallest electric lines, but remained in service until 1960.

• Fort Collins Municipal Railway Car 22 is stopped for traffic at Fort Collins, CO in September 1944. 

• At one time, the Third Avenue Railroad System stabled over one thousand seven hundred horses in order to successfully operate their system. It is now over 80 years later, and Car 111 is street running at Yonkers, NY, on July 11, 1952.  

• Virginia Electric and Power Car 1450, built by J.G. Brill in 1922, is at 13th and Liberty on the Riverview Line, Berkley, VA, on November 5, 1944. 

• Cincinnati Street Railway Car 115, one of 100 cars built for the railway by the Cincinnati Car Company, is at the Vine Street car barn in the Summer of 1946.

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