Those Remarkable Trains 2022 Calendar

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Engines and railroads featured in the 2022 edition include:

• Colorado and Southern 903, a Santa Fe Type 2-10-2, is putting on quite a show as it pulls away from the coal dock at Cheyenne, Wyoming on January 26, 1958. 903 was constructed by the Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1915; it was C&S Class M-2A, one of five locomotives. 

• United States Steel 724A-724B-726B-726A (All are Electromotive locomotives, an F7A-B-B-A combination) are pulling into Winton Junction, Wyoming with a loaded iron ore train on February 25, 1972. 

• Louisville and Nashville 771 and another EMD Model E6A are bringing Train #33, the southbound “Southland” in for a station stop at Winchester, Kentucky on May 19, 1949. Note that the consist of this train is all heavyweight cars. 

• Denver and Rio Grande Western 1167, a Consolidation (2-8-0, a D&RGW Class C-41, built by the Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1902) is leading a westbound local freight, stopped for water at Monte Vista, Colorado on April 21, 1956. 

• Duluth, Missabe and Iron Range Class M-4 Yellowstone (2-8-8-4) 230 is working hard with a southbound loaded iron ore train near Saginaw, Minnesota on May 27, 1959. The DM&IR purchased eighteen of these locomotives from the Baldwin Locomotive Works, eight Class M-3’s in 1941 and ten more in 1943, the latter classed as M-4’s. 

• In 1941, the Lima Locomotive Works received an order from the Chesapeake and Ohio for a new wheel arrangement “Super Power” locomotive. It was the Class H-8 Allegheny, one of the best locomotives they ever constructed. It was a 2-6-6-6 wheel arrangement. There had never been a locomotive built with a six-wheel trailing truck. 

• Union Pacific 826, an FEF-2 Northern (4-8-4) is leaving Omaha, Nebraska with a 54- car freight on July 4, 1953. 5057 is this day’s helper. It is a Class TTT Santa Fe Type 2-10-2 built by Lima in 1923. 

• Canadian Pacific 5931 has cut away from its train to take water at Lake Louise, located at Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada on August 20, 1952. 5931 is a Class T-1c oil burning 2-10-4 built by the Montreal Locomotive Works in 1949. 

• Western Maryland 1409 is leading a westbound freight out of Knobley Tunnel and momentarily it will enter the yard at Ridgeley, West Virginia on September 10, 1952. 1409 was in a group of a dozen locomotives. They were Class J-1 “Potomac” engines built by Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1947. 

• The Virginia and Truckee received Engine 26 from the Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1907. It was a ten-wheeler (4-6-0) and remained in regular service until May 1, 1950. 26 was inside the Reno, Nevada engine house when it suffered a fire. 

• Gulf, Mobile and Ohio’s northbound Train #1, the “Abraham Lincoln” with Observation Car 5998 on the rear is just about to complete its St. Louis, Missouri to Chicago, Illinois journey in October 1962. 

• Seaboard Air Line 2702 is a Model DR6-4-1500, built and sold by the Baldwin Locomotive Works. Seaboard purchased three A Units in 1947. Only one other railroad ordered them. The New York Central had four A and two B Units, making these locomotives some of the rarest diesels ever built. 2702 is seen here at Tampa, Florida in the summer of 1953.

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