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Yosemite National Park 2024 Wall Calendar


John Muir lived in the Yosemite Valley, what would become Yosemite National Park, from 1868 to 1873. The attention he won for Yosemite ensured its place as a National Park. Muir wrote, “Nowhere will you see the majestic operations of nature more clearly revealed beside the frailest, most gentle and peaceful things.” The Yosemite calendar shares the spirit of awe Muir felt so clearly almost 150 years ago.

This 2024 monthly wall calendar features: Large blocks for notes | Superb printing quality | Heavy 100-pound paper | Deluxe 11- by 14-inch size

Yosemite places featured in this edition include:
~ Frosted Bridalveil Fall
~ Fresh snow at Tenaya Creek and Mirror Lake
~ Road in the valley at Yosemite
~ Cathedral Lake and Peak, Yosemite Wilderness
~ El Capitan, Half Dome, and Bridalveil Fall, from Discovery View
~ Morning light awakens the meadow grasses and peeks through the oak trees
~ Vernal Fall on the Merced River
~ El Capitan and the Merced River
~ Giant granite boulders
~ Autumn oaks alongside Tenaya Creek
~ Half Dome reflection at Yosemite National Park
~ Deer in the meadow and Yosemite Falls, Yosemite National Park

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Warbirds 2024 Wall Calendar


New battles require new tools, and Warbirds 2024 features a century of air power innovation. The WWI Bristol F.2b led to WWII Spitfires, the U.S. B-17, and the German Bf 109. More speed and power arrived with jet aircraft like the F-15 Strike Eagle, the F-22 Raptor, and the Eurofighter Typhoon. Don’t miss the evolving action in the air!.
This 2024 monthly wall calendar features: Large blocks for notes | Superb printing quality | Heavy 100-pound paper | Deluxe 11- by 14-inch size
Aircraft and events featured in this edition include:
• The mainstay of the U.S. ground attack interdictor force, the F-15-E Strike Eagle has been in service since 1988.
• The epitome of a modern jet-age aircraft, this F-16 Fighting Falcon effortlessly demonstrates the startling power of contemporary combat aircraft.
• Two RAF Spitfires, two of the “few,” take a deep breath and turn in to confront an incoming Luftwaffe raid in 1940.
• Just inches from completing another sortie, a B-17F settles down alongside the strip at Bassingbourn where the 91st Battle Group of the U.S. 9th Air Force operated from October 1942 until 1945.
• Messerschmitt Bf 109s drop down on a pair of RAF Hurricanes in a classic wing-over maneuver to fly out of the sun and attack their prey.
• Operated by more than 12 airlines and eventually the German Luftwaffe from the early 1930s, the Junkers Ju 52 was a groundbreaking transport aircraft.
• The Ryan PT-22 Recruit was the primary U.S. flight trainer at the start of World War II and the first monoplane aircraft for this purpose.
• The Eurofighter Typhoon is the main operational fighting aircraft of the RAF and six other Western nations.
• The Bristol F2b was the original fighter-bomber and saw service in the later part of World War I.
• This P-51 was based at RAF Duxford, and is finished in the livery of the 84th Fighter Squadron.
• The F-22 Raptor is an air-superiority fighter developed for the USAF capable of exceeding Mach 2.0 and operating at heights exceeding 65,000 feet.
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Those Remarkable Trains 2024 Wall Calendar


This remarkable collection of classic steam locomotives and trains offers thundering power and great style through more than 50 years of railroading. Locomotives include: a Rogers-built Consolidation 2-8-0 from 1905, Boston and Maine Pacific 4-6-2s from 1911, C & N W streamlined Hudson 4-6-4 from 1938, Burlington’s Morning Zephyr, and more. Don’t miss the call!

This 2024 monthly wall calendar features: Large blocks for notes | Superb printing quality | Heavy 100-pound paper | Deluxe 11- by 14-inch size

Locomotives and railroads featured in this edition include:
• Gulf Mobile and Ohio Alco FA-FB-FA set
• DRG Krause-Maffei Diesel Hydraulics
• Burlington’s Morning Zephyr
• N&W pair of Class A 2-6-6-4s
• Western Maryland Baldwin 2-8-0s from 1921
• Boston and Maine Pacific 4-6-2s from 1911
• C & N W streamlined Hudson 4-6-4 from 1938
• Union Pacific Big Boy 4003
• Rogers-built Consolidation 2-8-0 from 1905
• Western Pacific’s California Zephyr

© 2023 Tide-mark Press

Streetcars & Trolleys 2024 Wall Calendar


Before automobiles and buses there were streetcars or trolleys in virtually every American city. Streetcars & Trolleys recalls that era through historic photographs from around the United States. Images from city systems featured include: Baltimore, Chicago, Minneapolis, New Orleans, San Diego, Yonkers, and more.

This 2024 monthly wall calendar features: Large blocks for notes | Superb printing quality | Heavy 100-pound paper | Deluxe 11- by 14-inch size

Streetcar lines and locations featured in this edition include:
√ Chicago, Aurora and Elgin Car 453 has stopped to pick up passengers at Batavia Junction,
Illinois in January 1951. 453 provided local service between Chicago and Aurora, Illinois.
√ Omaha and Council Bluffs Street Railway Snow Sweeper 024 is working eastbound on Farnham
Street, one of the busiest streets in Omaha, Nebraska on March 25, 1952.
√ Chicago Transit Authority Car 298 is on Chicago Avenue at Kedzie on March 13, 1951.
√ San Diego Electric Railway Car 421 is at Balboa Park in San Diego, California on April 22, 1949.
The rail line shut down a few weeks later.
√ The Third Avenue Railway System (TARS) was built to extra-large proportions. Here is Car 397 coming through downtown Yonkers, New York on July 12, 1952.
√ This is Milwaukee Rapid Transit and Speedrail Company Car 66, seen here at West Junction, Wisconsin on June 14, 1951.
√ Baltimore Transit Car 5745 is on the Ellicott City Shuttle at Catonsville, Maryland on July 1, 1951.
√ Sand Springs Railway Car 72 is arriving at Tulsa, Oklahoma in September 1954.
√ Twin Cities Rapid Transit Lines PCC Car 433 is in the Como Park area of Minneapolis,
Minnesota in September 1953.
√ New Orleans Public Service War Bond Car 832 is on Route 19 at New Orleans, Louisiana on
October 17, 1943.
√ Lehigh Valley Transit Company Car 704 is at the 69th Street Terminal at Allentown,
Pennsylvania on September 7, 1948.
√ Cedar Rapids and Iowa City Car 118 is at the Crandic Yard at Iowa City, Iowa in the winter of 1948.

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Southern Pacific Railroad 2024 Wall Calendar


Southern Pacific Railroad began with a simple idea: to connect San Francisco and San Diego, California, by rail. A century later, Southern Pacific had become one of the largest railroads in America, with lines that stretched from coast to coast (connecting to New York via Morgan Line steamships) and from the south to the northwest. In 1959, SP moved more ton-miles of freight than any other U.S. railroad. Engines featured here reach back to the era of SP steam, and forward to the diesels of the 1970s.

This 2024 monthly wall calendar features: Large blocks for notes | Superb printing quality | Heavy 100-pound paper | Deluxe 11- by 14-inch size
Locomotives and trains featured in this edition include:
√ Southern Pacific 4202 and 4440 are double-heading an outbound passenger special at Mission Tower, Los Angeles, California in January 1955. 4202 is a Class AC-8 (4-8-8-2) articulated, and 4440 is a Class GS-4 Northern (4-8-4) built in 1941 by the Lima Locomotive Works.
√ Southern Pacific 6047, an E9A and an E7B with Rock Island E8A and two E7B’s —all EMD locomotives— are leading Train #3, the Golden State Limited through Alhambra, California on February 24, 1967.
√ Southern Pacific 4468, a Class GS-6 Northern (4-8-4) built in 1943 by the Lima Locomotive Works has suffered a failure and has been cut off from its train.
√ Southern Pacific 8288 is leading a southbound consist of “oil cans” up Tehachapi Pass, seen here coming through Woodford, California at 2:17 p.m. on April 2, 1988.
√ Southern Pacific 9120, a Krause Maffei Model ML-4000 diesel hydraulic, assisted by 6450, an FP-7 and an F7B, is on the point of a railfan special at Oakland, California on April 30, 1967.
√ Southern Pacific 3205 is one of ten SDP-45’s purchased in 1967 to bolster SP’s passenger locomotive fleet which had aged substantially.
√ Southern Pacific F7A 6391 in a classic “black widow” paint scheme with an F7A-F7B-F7A are arriving at Los Angeles, California with Train #58, the Owl on July 31, 1960.
√ Southern Pacific 4743 is leading northbound commuter train #136 near Burlingame, California on August 1, 1955.
√ Southern Pacific 6024, a Class PA2, one of 23 painted in “daylight” colors, with another PA2 (6022), has been assigned to handle Train #28, the San Francisco Overland on September 3, 1953.
√ Southern Pacific 4449 and 4447 are double-headed on a passenger special near Palmdale, California on October 17, 1954. Both locomotives are Class GS-4 Northerns (4-8-4).
√ Southern Pacific 1824, one of three Class M-5 Moguls (2-6-0) built by the Sacramento Shops in 1917, has been called to pick up loaded lettuce cars at El Centro, California on November 27, 1954.
√ In late December 1974 near Mojave, California, Southern Pacific Tunnel Motor (SD40T-2, built by EMD) leads four other eastbound units on an early morning freight from Bakersfield.

Published by Tide-mark Press © 2023

Railroading! 2024 Wall Calendar


Cross the continent and share the drama of “high iron” on Class I railroads like BNSF and CSX, CN, CP, KCS, and UP. High-stepping regional giant Pacific Harbor line shows it muscle, while Amtrak blasts through snow in the east and runs through sunshine in the west. Railroading! includes descriptive commentary about the featured railroads, rolling stock, and 24 full-color photographs. All aboard!

This 2024 monthly wall calendar features: Large blocks for notes | Superb printing quality | Heavy 100-pound paper | Deluxe 11- by 14-inch size

Locomotives and railroads featured in this edition include:
√ High above Lake Champlain at a location called Red Rock in Willsboro, New York, Canadian Pacific Train 228 is running from Montreal, Canada to Saratoga Springs, New York.
√Running through Whitehall, New York, Train 228 passes a pair of EMD GP20C-ECO engines on Train G53, a local running between Crown Point and turning at Saratoga Springs.
√ Originally built by Northern Pacific, this line follows the Clark Fork of the Columbia River in Montana that became Burlington Northern in 1970 before being spun off to regional railroad Montana Rail Link in October 1987.
√ A BNSF eastbound grain empty rumbles across Bridge 55 at Trout Creek, Montana powered by a trio of General Electric locomotives: 6060 an ES44AC; 4277 and 4202 both ES44C4s.
√ Led by shiny 3054, EMD SD70ACe-T4, a Union Pacific stack train departs Green River, Wyoming, after a crew change and begins its westbound trip on UP’s Evanston Subdivision.
√ A Union Pacific coal train designated CEYPS (Energy Mine to Public Service in Denver) curves past milepost 22 just west of the siding at Eisele (Clay), Colorado.
√ Kansas City Southern Train YPA108 led by 2840 and 3151, EMD GP22ECO’s, hauls a consist of empty coke hoppers past a division of the Motiva refinery in Port Neches, Texas.
√ Union Pacific 1375 has for several months been assigned to the local that originates in Anaheim. The engine has special appeal because it is one of only three GP40P-2s built by EMD (in this case former Southern Pacific 7602, originally SP 3199).
√ Union Pacific local LOA32, an 11-car train behind 1375 and 1083, a GP60 (ex-UP 1953, née-SSW 9651) makes its way on January 12, 2022 down Metrolink’s Orange Sub.
√ Amtrak’s westbound California Zephyr traces the Colorado River in spectacular Ruby Canyon just east of Utaline, Colorado.
√ Amtrak 160, a GE P42DC, was painted in a variant of Amtrak’s Phase III paint scheme that was applied to just 20 GE Dash 8-32BWH (P32BWH) locomotives delivered in 1991.
√ Santa Fe 5704, an SD45-2 recently restored to its Bicentennial glory, sits at Kansas City, Missouri’s Union Station.
√ A Canadian National taconite pellet train arrives at United Taconite’s Fairlane processing plant near Forbes, Minnesota.
√ A solid set of General Motors-powered units are seen at Adolph, Minnesota, leading a taconite train to the Lake Superior ore docks in Duluth. Leader 5349, an SD40-2W, features the early safety-cab design pioneered by Canadian National in the 1970s.
√ A pair of CSX Electro-Motive SD70ACe-T4 units leads a train of covered hoppers at Mulberry, Florida, deep in the railroad’s busy “Bone Valley” phosphate mining region.
√ Three sturdy 3,000 horsepower EMD GP40-2 road-switchers are leading a freight train at Springfield, Massachusetts, in August 2020.
√ Skirting the banks of the Columbia River, BNSF Railway intermodal train S-LPCSEA1-20 heads from Chicago’s Logistics Park to Seattle, Washington.
√ Kicking up some autumn leaves as it rounds the big curve in White Salmon, Washington, is BNSF Railway train C-SXMRBG3-53.
√ Pacific Harbor Line 66, a MotivePower MP20C-3, lugs a long string of loaded intermodal cars, as Train YPNY13-27, from Terminal Island as it begins its movement across the Badger Bridge.
√ Pacific Harbor Line 20, on train YPSW24-05, the Reyes switcher, backs down PHL’s Wilmington Lead in the Wilmington neighborhood of Los Angeles, California.
√ Amtrak’s Vermonter blasts through the snow at a crossing in Charlestown, New Hampshire on December 25, 2022.
√ The southbound Amtrak Vermonter Train 55 is rolling through the village of South Royalton, Vermont. Engine 184 is a 4,250 hp GE Genesis P42DC painted in Phase IV heritage livery to celebrate Amtrak’s 40th anniversary in 2011.

Published by Tide-mark © 2023
Published by Tide-mark Press © 2023

Lizard Head Summit Jigsaw Puzzle by Howard Fogg


The Lizard Head jigsaw puzzle pictures the San Miguel Mountains serving as a magnificent backdrop for Rio Grande Southern 461, a Denver and Rio Grande Western hand-me-down, as it pulls past the depot at the summit of Lizard Head Pass, about 20 miles southwest of Telluride, Colorado. D&RGW 463, which was on a short-term lease, has assisted the train to the top of the hill, and shortly it will be on its way, running light to the division point at Rico,  Colorado, with 461 and its train following about a one-half hour later. It is the early summer of 1951, the last year of operations on the Southern. Abandonment would follow the next year.

Lizard Head Summit Jigsaw Puzzle | 1,000 Pieces | Finished size: 19 by 26 inches | Artist: Howard Fogg | Published by Tide-mark

First Light at Cadillac Mountain, Acadia National Park, 1,000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle


Cadillac Mountain is the centerpiece of Mount Desert Island in Maine and the heart of Acadia National Park. At 1,530 feet above sea level, Cadillac Mountain is the highest point along the North Atlantic seaboard and offers dramatic panoramas in every direction. Mount Desert Island is notable as the second largest island on America’s eastern seaboard (Long Island, New York is larger) and as the home of Acadia National Park. The commercial center of the island is the town of Bar Harbor on Frenchman’s Bay.

To make the image featured in the First Light jigsaw puzzle, photographer Paul Rezendes positioned his camera at the top of Cadillac Mountain and directed the lens toward the Porcupine Islands in Frenchman’s Bay and located just to the east of Bar Harbor. The dramatic sweep of the picture ranges from the granite stone of the mountain and on to the fog-bound islands in the bay below. The beautiful pink color of the stone is enhanced by the light of the sun rising beyond the Atlantic Ocean behind the photographer.

First Light Jigsaw Puzzle | 1,000 Pieces | Finished Size: 19 by 26 inches | Artist: Paul Rezendes | Published by Tide-mark

© 2023 Tide-mark Press

Art of Jonathan Green 2025 Wall Calendar


The Art of Jonathan Green calendar showcases the southern culture of the artist’s Gullah heritage from the inland marshes near the Sea Islands of South Carolina. Jonathan Green, a graduate of the prestigious School of the Art Institute of Chicago, has won national awards and is recognized by curators and museums as one of the South’s most important living artists and among the greatest African-American artists. His work is found in museums in Germany, Sierra Leone, and throughout the United States.

This 2025 monthly wall calendar features: Large blocks for notes | Superb printing quality | Heavy 100-pound paper | Deluxe 11- by 14-inch size
Paintings featured in this edition include:
Cotton Sky
Painting by Jonathan Green
Oil on Canvas, 12 by 16 inches

Carrying Oysters
Painting by Jonathan Green
Oil on Linen, 18 by 24 inches

Fripp Island
Painting by Jonathan Green
Acrylic on Paper, 10 by 14 inches

Boat Ride in the Marshland
Painting by Jonathan Green
Acrylic on Masonite, 24 by 32 inches

Beach Market
Painting by Jonathan Green
Oil on Linen, 12 by 16 inches

Marshland Outing
Painting by Jonathan Green
Oil on Canvas, 48 by 60 inches

Evening Fishing
Painting by Jonathan Green
Oil on Linen, 12 by 16

Frogmore Crossing
Painting by Jonathan Green
Oil on Linen, 18 by 24 inches

Young Net Thrower
Painting by Jonathan Green
Oil on Linen, 12 by 16 inches

Tide Fishing
Painting by Jonathan Green
Oil on Linen, 12 by 16 inches

Serene Bay
Painting by Jonathan Green
Acrylic on Paper, 10 by 14 inches

Painting by Jonathan Green
Oil on Linen, 18 by 24 inches


Published by Tide-mark Press © 2024

Art of the Boat 2025 Mystic Seaport Wall Calendar


The golden age of sail was still ablaze as father and son Rosenfeld captured great yachts, and a few wild-eyed motorboaters on film. Fill a glass with champagne and join this celebration of New York 50 Class boats in 1913, or Istalena, the first M Class boat, and Weetamoe,the J Class America’s Cup contender in 1930, along with many more. You can almost smell the sea with these nautical outings that will sweep you through the year on a fair ocean wind. Sales benefit Mystic Seaport Museum.

This 2025 monthly wall calendar features: Large blocks for notes | Superb printing quality | Heavy 100-pound paper | Deluxe 11- by 14-inch size

Vessels featured in this edition include:
The First Frostbite Race
The first Frostbite Race took place in January 1932, sailing 12-foort dinghies on Manhasset Bay off Port Washington, NY,
apparently as the result of a challenge.

International One-Design Sloops
International One-Design sloops Spellbound, Grilse, and Aileen racing on Long
Island Sound with their spinnakers set on May 28, 1949.

America’s Cup Practice
Sailors aboard the English America’s Cup challenger Endeavour watch the stern of Vanitie in a preliminary
outing off Newport RI in 1934.

Luders 16s
The Luders 16 was designed by A.E. Bill Luders and grew in popularity after World War II.

Sequoia II
Designed by John Trumpy and constructed by the John H. Mathis & Co. in Camden, New Jersey, Sequoia
II was built for Richard and Emily Cadwalader of Philadelphia, PA. and launched in 1925.

The yawl Bolero, #134, is sailing here during a New York Yacht Club Cruise in 1954. She was designed by Olin
Stephens of Sparkman & Stephens and built by the Henry Nevins yard in New York for John Nicholas Brown.

Watching the Cup Race, 1920
Delayed by the outbreak of WWI, the America’s Cup challenge scheduled for 1914 got underway in 1920. The competition was the last held off NY and the first under the new Universal Rule of measurement.

Riding the Sea-Lyon
The 1920s were still roaring and there was fun during the summer of 1929. This 35-foot Sea-Lyon
was built by Howard W. Lyon, Inc. located on City Island, NY, and could be purchased for a list
price of $2,975.

Shamrock V versus Enterprise, 1930
Sir Thomas Lipton raised his fifth and final America’s Cup challenge in 1929 as sponsor for the Royal Ulster Yacht

One-Design Racing 1956
The International One-Design was created by Norwegian naval architect Bjarne Aas in 1936 at the urging of
Larchmont Yacht Club skipper Cornelius Shield. Shield has seen the designer’s 6-meter yacht Saga and wanted a
boat like it to race in New York. The first 25 boats were delivered later that year and began racing on Long Island

With wind on her beam, Anchorite, #143, is throwing up a spray. Launched in 1937, the 49-foot
auxiliary shoal draft yawl was designed by Owen Merrill and built at the Henry B. Nevis yard on
City Island, NY.

Endeavour, Second Race, 1934
English aircraft builder Thomas Sopwith endowed Endeavour with the most contemporary engineering advances
possible in 1934. Along with a steel hull, Endeavour pioneered the Quadrilateral genoa and a twin-clewed headsail.


Published by Tide-mark Press © 2024

American Folk Art 2025 Wall Calendar


A versatile and prolific folk artist, Jane Wooster Scott has garnered international recognition as one of the finest painters of Americana working today. In American Folk Art, her warm and nostalgic paintings of America’s celebrations and holidays offer a vision of an idealized earlier era. Speaking about her approach to her work Jane says, “I paint the way I do and choose my subjects out of a deep love for my country’s heritage.”
This 2025 monthly wall calendar features: Large blocks for notes | Superb printing quality | Heavy 100-pound paper | Deluxe 11- by 14-inch size


Published by Tide-mark Press

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Ancient Civilizations of the Southwest 2025 Wall Calendar


The lives of ancient Puebloans who lived in the American southwest are largely mysterious to us. Their legacy is a series of architectural sites that reveal their ingenious building skills, elements of their religious practice, and the art they carved into stone. Ancient Civilizations explores that cultural heritage and celebrates its legacy and preservation.
This 2025 monthly wall calendar features: Large blocks for notes | Superb printing quality | Heavy 100-pound paper | Deluxe 11- by 14-inch size

Locations featured in the 2025 calendar include:
Wedding Rocks, Olympic National Park, Washington

Agate House, Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona

Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument, New Mexico

Betatakin House, Navajo National Monument, Arizona

Cliff Alcove Four, Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument, New Mexico

Alcove House, Bandelier National Monument, New Mexico

Mission Church, Salinas Pueblo Mission National Monument, New Mexico

Inscription Rock, El Morro National Monument, New Mexico

West Pueblo Ruin, Aztec Ruins National Monument, New Mexico

Animal Petroglyph, Petroglyph National Monument, New Mexico

Pueblo Bonito, Chaco Culture Historic National Park, New Mexico

Antelope House, Canyon de Chelly National Monument, Arizona



Published by Tide-mark Press ©2024

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