Vintage Airplanes 2020 Wall Calendar

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We’ve nearly forgotten the sound of a propeller-driven plane. Vintage Airplanes 2020  reminds us of that innovative era in aviation as larger, faster planes changed our expectations for travel in the air. These paintings by artist Larry Grossman show us notable classics like the Lockheed Constellation, the Douglas DC-3 and much more.

Airplanes featured in this edition include:


• Thompson Trophy Air Race 1933

• Amelia Earhart, Hercules C-130

• Lockheed Constellation, Douglas DC-3

• North American F-86 Sabre Jet

• Fokker DR1

• Grand Central Air Terminal

• Northrop Alpha 1932

• Pan American Pacific Clipper Boeing B-314

• Northrop YB-49 Flying Wing 1947


About the Artist


Artist Larry Grossman has always loved airplanes. As a child in the 1950’s, his father was a pilot who owned an aircraft sales business at Hawthorn Airport (then home to Northrup Aircraft and their amazing Flying Wing) in Los Angeles. "Our family always had a Beachcraft or Cessna to hop to Palm Springs or Vegas in ...I loved it!” says Larry. His first entrepreneurial enterprise was selling paper airplanes with hand drawn insignia to fellow grade-school classmates. He soon graduated to building plastic model airplanes and cars, winning many contests along the way. Larry claims to have seen just about every WWII movie ever made, and annually attends as many air and car shows as possible, “…a great source for the photos I use in my art," says Larry. 


Larry's professional art career began when he bought an airbrush at age fifteen. He soon began painting and selling wild T-shirts at hot rod shows and events such as "The Teen-Age Fair" in Hollywood, often working for the legendary "King of the Car Kustomizers", George Barris.


In 1967 Larry moved to Berkeley, where he graduated (majoring in film and photography) from CCAC Art School. An animation short film he single-handedly created as a senior won Grand Prize in several film festivals, and he later returned to CCAC to teach animation. In 1981 the Disney Studios enticed Larry back to L.A. to work as a designer on the studio’s landmark first-computerized film "TRON.” After that, Larry created airbrushed art on a free-lance basis for Disney, Warner Bros., and Dreamworks Studios, and also illustrated album covers for legendary musician Frank Zappa, among others.


In the mid 90’s Larry retired his trusty airbrush after becoming enthralled with the creative potential of the computer while working on the 1982 film "Tron.” Larry soon developed his current unique artistic process, which combines digital airbrushing with his own photography. The resulting images are distinctive, unique and striking, and often reflect Larry’s love for the styles of the 1930-50’s (Art Deco in particular). In addition, he owns a 1932 Ford hot rod and a 1961 Nash Metropolitan Convertible (he does all of his own work), and also collects and wears vintage clothes from those periods as well.